Pretty Little Liars Round Table: "Face Time"

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ABC Family aired an average episode of Pretty Little Liars this week, as "Face Time" featured Melissa and Ashley in the hot seat this week, along with what appears to be A targeting the gals' parents.

Below, staff writers Carissa Pavlica, Teresa Lopez, Leigh Raines and Nick McHatton toss around some thoughts on these issues and more. Gather around now and share your thoughts on the following topics...


Did anyone else get the vibe from Jake that it's time Aria starts dating men her own age?

Teresa: Definitely. Aria's always been a bit a blah character to me, but maybe she just needs to be matched up with the right person. Or, you know, try being single for a while.

Leigh: I think Aria just needs a better poker face. Everyone has an ex and a past. She just needs to figure out a way for Ezra not to be part of her present. I agreed with Jake, how could he kiss her after she admitted she still loved Ezra?

Nick: Our girl Aria is giving off that type of vibe. It seems like she's really committed, for now at least, to date men within her age bracket.

Carissa: I think the men in her life are catching on that she's not really ready for a relationship. I agree with Teresa. She needs a little Aria time. Figure out who she is and who would be best for her.

Still on the Ashley killed Wlden train? Or are you convinced we may take three more seasons to find out who did it?

Teresa: I don't think the show would make it that obvious. I'll bet she was the last person to see him alive and that makes her worried she'll get blamed for it. Plus, we know this show loves to draw out the mysteries!

Leigh: I think Ashley for sure shot him and thinks she killed him. However, I don't think he was dead until A finished him off. Ashley is gonna take the guilt and the liars will eventually find out the truth.

Nick: I'm sure we are in for more Ashley guilt faces as we continue at this break pace of nothing happening, but I'm not convinced she's done a thing.Who knows. I was over this mask scenario two episodes ago. So far PLL has told me epic things are happening but nothing has ever happened.

Carissa: I don't think Ashley did it, but someone (oooh, I wonder who) is making her think they will point all evidence her way unless she does something for them. I wonder what that is more than who killed Wilden.

Was that Wilden's face as the mask at the end? And what the heck does that have to do with anything we learned during the night?

Teresa: I thought A was just reconstructing Melissa's masks - the ones she busted and threw into the water. A does like to have incriminating evidence on everyone at all times.

Leigh: I thought that was Melissa's? I can't tell all that well but the masks are everything else on PLL.

Nick: Who knows. I was over this mask scenario two episodes ago. So far PLL has told me epic things are happening but nothing has ever happened.

Carissa: Everyone thinks it was Melissa's face, but I could have sworn it had a mustache. Was I high or does Melissa just have an extraordinarily hairy upper lip?

It appears Ali's plan is to separate all of the Liars from the parents. In what way could this possibly benefit her? Would they go into foster care or would the magnanimous Mrs. D arrange to take care of them all?

Teresa: No clue! It seems like a pretty poor plan. I don't get this story arc, but I guess A was running out of ways to harass Emily. Seriously that girl gets most of A's wrath.

Leigh: No idea why they want to target the parents. I think A just wants to mess with everyone the liars are close with. I think A is Ali's twin who was in the nuthouse and hates the liars for getting to be close to her sister all those years.

Nick: I'm sure Melissa will protect them! Smash some more masks girl.

Carissa: I'm completely lost on this one. Maybe the idea is to get all girls committed to Radley by their parents.

Which one thing are you most anxious to learn more about?

Teresa: I would like to the various villains to be clarified. I have no idea who the texts are coming from, who's on what side, what Red Coat has to do with the As (if anything), and why were thrown the N.A.T club if it doesn't mean anything according to Melissa. How many As are there and are they all working for the same boss?

Leigh: Yes, I want to know if Ali has a twin!?! I also think we will find out who killed Wilden.

Nick: Melissa being cryptic caught my attention, and more narration from Spencer would be awesome.

Carissa: I'm starting to lose interest. None of their plots or schemes are fascinating at the moment, and that's not a good thing. Something has to pick up the pace, and fast.

Carissa Pavlica is the managing editor and a staff writer and critic for TV Fanatic. She's a member of the Critic's Choice Association, enjoys mentoring writers, conversing with cats, and passionately discussing the nuances of television and film with anyone who will listen. Follow her on Twitter and email her here at TV Fanatic.

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