Pretty Little Liars Round Table: "Under the Gun"

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On the latest episode of Pretty Little Liars, Hanna spent time in the slammer, Aria got slut-shamed and we were introduced to Ravenswood.

And now our Pretty Little Liars Round Table of Teresa Lopez, Nick McHatton, and Leigh Raines has convened to discuss "Under the Gun," its most interesting developments, scenes and a lot more. Gather around, TV Fanatics. Let's do this!


What was your favorite scene from the episode?

Nick: Hannah and Ashley. Those two have a tortured bond, and I'm going to miss seeing them constantly interact with each other in their home. Hannah knows she's screwed up, and Ashley is willing to go down for it anyway.

Teresa: I liked when Mona busted Spencer for lying to the girls.  It's not that I hate Spencer; I just think she acts a little self-righteous sometimes.

Leigh: I just love how committed Caleb and Hanna are to each other. Him trying to bust into the house past Mr. Marin was perfect. I hope they don't break up when he moves to Ravenswood. I know Victoria Justice is hot, but Hanna Marin is one of a kind!

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What did you think of Ravenswood?

Nick: Mostly boring. It's black and white with splashes of color, and it certainly tries to be creepy...but it just ends up being laughable. None of it makes sense, and it does not fit within PLL's world at all. I'm beginning to believe Ravenswood is the cause of all the boredom PLL is dishing out this season. A big story arc is being sent in motion to spin off to Ravenswood, but the shows don't feel at all similar and PLL is suffering because of this attempt to cram it in.

Teresa: Spooky. I'll definitely tune in to that show!

Leigh: Rosewood is bright and colorful and all of a sudden we switched to blue-screen like it was 8 Mile. I'll still tune in, though. I really like the cast. 

What is Mrs. Gruenwald hiding?

Nick: I think she really does know Alison/"Vivian."

Teresa: Hmmm.... maybe she's Ali's real mom???

Leigh: I think she was one of the people who Ali owed money to. She was definitely a connector and keeper of secrets.

How should Aria have handled the slut-shaming?

Nick: She openly went out with Ezra for months. Everyone knows everyone, and she's shocked to find out someone out school saw them? Buck up Aria! She's afraid that Ezra could get into a lot of trouble - like her dream a few episodes back - but that's what happens when you date a teacher. They knew the consequences, yet they still went outside publicly. 

Teresa: I think confronting Connor was a good start.  Plus she looks like she's keeping up a brave face when she's not at home. That should shut down anyone trying to make her insecure.

Leigh: I think she handled it pretty well. I probably would've slapped that smug kid and sassed him with something like "just because nobody wants to touch you doesn't mean you need to spread rumors about me!" Grow up, you're pathetic. Then I would've gone home and cried just like Aria did. 

How will Ashley/Hanna wiggle their way out of this one?

Nick: The "real" video of Wilden getting mowed down my Ashley will eventually come to light, and I'm hoping it kills two annoying birds with one stone: wrapping up this boring whodunnit to Wilden and taking care of annoying Shana.

Teresa: I do not know but I'm dying to find out. 

Leigh: A likes to dish out the pain, not watch others do it. A will figure out how to bail out Ashley and dole out her own justice.

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