Rizzoli & Isles Review: And the Devil Appears

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There was a rumor that the stories in Rizzoli & Isles season 4 were going to dive into darker territory.  

"Dance With the Devil" definitely took things to such a place.

Sharing the Past

I always knew Paddy Doyle was a criminal. He was up on RICO charges and accused of being behind the murders of at least 15 people. Yet being Maura's biological father, the man who had always tried to protect her, seemed to humanize him. 

That disappeared with this episode.

Believing that Paddy had ordered a hit on Cavanaugh 20 years ago in order to buy cheaper drugs was bad enough... but knowing that he'd done the deed personally and thus killed the man's wife and son was chilling. It's difficult to view someone as anything but a monster once you know their actions caused a a young woman and a two year old to burn to death. 

Suddenly all of Paddy Doyle's pathos about never harming women and children sounded like the hollow words they were. 

The trial had Maura on an emotional roller coaster. She even called out of work. When has Dr. Isles done that except when she donated her kidney?

When Hope showed up on her doorstep with coffee, it felt like a bonding moment, but it quickly soured. Maura simply couldn't get past the fact that her mother had accepted Paddy's financial help to start her foundation.  She knew that for every person Hope helped, there was another who had probably suffered and died on Paddy's orders.

Thankfully, there was at least one lighter moment thrown in when Jane joined Maura in her yoga room. Maura asked Jane if she ever missed her father and she responded as only Jane could in this Rizzoli & Isles quote

Jane: Do you think if I tracked him down in Florida and forced myself to watch him snuggle with his slutty blonde girlfriend I wouldn't miss him so much?

Maura: No. What makes you think she's blonde?

Jane: They're always blonde. | permalink

But the light heartedness didn't last long. When Cavanaugh figured out that Paddy had murdered his family two decades ago, he wanted to kill him and he wanted to make it hurt. I couldn't blame him. 

As Korsak, Jane and Frost frantically tried to stop their friend and boss from murdering Doyle in the men's room, it was Maura who provided the Hail Mary pass. 

Maura confronted Hope with the truth. That Paddy Doyle was a killer and a liar and in turning a blind eye to his sins, Hope had given him leave to commit them. 

You made a bargain with the devil and it has come due. | permalink

The only thing that could crack Paddy's armored heart was knowing that his one true love had turned on him.

They say, speak of the devil, and the devil appears. Paddy Doyle's facade finally fell away even for Hope and with any luck, even the devil will have to pay.

Dance With the Devil Review

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