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"The Physical Impossibility of Death in the Mind of Someone Living" sounds like a strange title, but it's something I've thought about a lot.

Not just in my own life, but in terms of losing others. It's that hope we, as human beings, have even when we know someone is going to die. It's impossible to imagine, right up to their last breath.

On Switched at Birth this week, John was home from the hospital acting as if nothing happened - but everything he was doing made it clear this man is in complete denial of what had happened.

Happy Family

After last week's intense episode, it's difficult to imagine that nothing John dreamed about during his heart attack had any effect on him - and even more that nobody in the family is privy to what his thoughts were had he done things differently.

It seemed everyone was fighting for him to see what he could lose, but John was trying to hang on to what he knew, or thought he knew. Even Kathryn pointed out how much their lives had changed in the last few years. Their reality had been altered in so many ways already, was it worth losing his life to avoid a few more?

We did learn that Daphne has been having sex for some time, as Bay went to her for advice. It was nice to see their relationship seems to be on the same keel it was before the heart attack and that they're becoming friends. 

Bay was prepping herself to have sex for the first time when she learned he had been with a medic while they were at war together. He had a great point: she wrote to him and told him she was with Emmett, but she didn't hear him bringing it up all the time. That's when she admitted she was still a virgin. 

I know people aren't on the Ty wagon, but he's treating Bay with great respect and there's really little else someone could ask for when wishing for someone to fall in love. There's no doubt that she and Emmett have a connection, but you can't argue against what is happening with Ty, either.

Admittedly I have a thing for British boys, but Jace is amazing. At first, I was wondering if he was hiding something, but the only thing he seems to be hiding is a soft, yet brilliant intellect that he fights for everyday. He has his own family that is nowhere near him and whom he worries about all day every day, but it doesn't stop him from living his life and wanting to get to know a special girl named Daphne. He expects the same from her.

Meanwhile, Toby learned that Travis wanted the job he has at the car was and it changes everything he thought about having it himself. He realized he never wanted the job as he watched his friends move toward college and saw how much it would have meant to Travis to get it, especially considering how good he is with the other employees. 

John dashed his hopes of skipping out of it when he told Toby that he wouldn't be able to concentrate on healing if he didn't know Toby was carrying the car wash for him. Toby needs to stop making such rash decisions, but he does tend to take after his father, doesn't he?

As for the girls, Daphne mended fences with Jace and Ty asked Bay for a do over. He followed through with amazing grace. His room was all decked out in candles and it wasn't all romance and flowers, but they enjoyed stumbling through their night with giggles. Ty told her she didn't have to do anything, but when he blew out the candle and told her to be quiet, there was no doubt Bay was going to lose something that night.

After last week, the episode as a whole was a bit of a letdown, but there were some great stand alone moments. Angelo and Regina are still in the game, and he got word on his daughter. Will that change things going forward? I hope not. You can tell they love each other despite their many differences. I just hope her boss never realizes who Angelo is married to, or she's in for another job search.

What did you think of the episode? Were you hoping for a more profound change in John and do you still have hope it will come about gradually, as it started in this hour?

The Physical Impossibility of Death in the Mind of Someone Living Review

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