The Bridge Review: Dichotomy of Circumstances

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After the first three episodes of The Bridge, I'm really not sure what to think of the show and its story. What appeared to be a series about the inequalities and value of life between the United States and Mexico has turned into one about a mix of odd characters.

The message of the serial killer is being drowned out by the extravagant behaviors of those involved in the story. In "Rio," even the more mainstream-seeming individuals went off in unexpected directions.

Sonya's Lead

Sonya has shown her sexual side and this week it was Marco's turn. What was Charlotte thinking when she jumped him?

He's an honest Mexican law enforcement officer and wanted to maintain that image enough to stop by and get her to sign a statement that said he didn't take a bribe. She signed, but then kissed him and he didn't hesitate even a second. When he left, she was in a nightgown, which indicates their encounter went well beyond kissing. Marco seemed like such a honest man and good husband. No longer. Charlotte and Marco never showed any indication they knew each other, which makes the sexual escapade even more weird.

Daniel Frye is the craziest of the bunch on the law's side. He's usually drunk or high with no inhibition at all. The scene at Adrianna's home showed that he has no restraint at all. After Adrianna's reveal about her preferences, perhaps they can work together in a friendly manner without the sexual overtones. The young female journalist is one of the few involved that isn't over the top.

As far as the investigation into the murders are concerned, it's all over the place. The killer has changed his methods when he killed the migrants with ricin-tainted water. They all died except Maria. Since she's been captured and left to survive or die in the desert conditions, she may wish she drank the water. 

What does the killer want to prove? What game is he playing now? Not only did he kill the migrants, he asked for a ransom to be paid by four wealthy individuals. He wanted them to feel responsibility for another's life. It was a way to bring Charlotte into the larger arc of the series. It will be interesting to see if any of them agree to pay up or not.

The police bought Steven Linder in for questioning after finding his trailer and burnt women's clothing. He may have taken a woman previously as we saw, but he's definitely not the killer. Linder doesn't have the intelligence to mastermind the actions that have been taken from the fake bomb, the ricin water or the camera watching over Maria. I still believe he could be inadvertently involved, but he's definitely not the brains behind the killings. Plus, he cares too much to take lives.

I'm really not sure what show The Bridge wants to be. So far, the story has been overwhelmed by the characters and not in a good way. They are distracting and unless it all comes together in the next couple episodes, their antics are unnecessary.

I wish the focus would remain on the main story and showing the contrasting circumstances between the two countries, the partnered characters and environment without the outrageous extraneous character aspects.

Rio Review

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