Under the Dome Review: Butterflies and a Jack Rabbit

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When the Dome appeared over Chester's Mill, deaths began to pile up from both the force field and then from the residents. Last Monday, they faced a new deadly threat through the spread of Menigitis. On "Blue on Blue," the threats expanded even further and now include the U.S. military.

Panic ensued when the military pulled out, but only a day later they returned and brought with them the residents' loved ones for a visit. These meetings created more conflict, but also provided answers. 

Julia received word from Peter that he was sorry for leaving her behind and in financial ruin. Sad for her, but excellent for viewers. Maybe now she can move on and develop a relationship with Barbie. They were immediately at ease with each other and have amazing chemistry with each other.


She forgave Barbie for his misrepresentation with the simple gesture of taking his hand. Aww! Though, of course, the secret of Peter's killing will always hang over Barbie and perhaps prevent him from moving forward with her. At least for now, they are stronger leaders for the town together.

So far though my favorite pairing is Norrie and Joe. They are so adorable together and their special connection to the Dome is intriguing and mesmerizing to watch unfold. The butterflies were gorgeous. Could the Dome be a living organism of some sort that's able to communicate through the two of them? 

Norrie was upset over her mothers' lies about her father, which is just another reason for her to lean on Joe. Their decision to look for Angie over their own safety was reckless, yet understandable. Storywise it was a convenient reason for them to be outside to see the bomb hit, kiss, and not have a seizure.

It appeared at one point that the Reverend also had a special ability to communicate with the Dome. That was a fake out and  instead he was just able to pick up the radio communications from outside. Whether it was the Dome or the drugs, he was losing his grip on reality. Maob wasn't a message from God, instead it was the Mother Of All Bombs coming from the skies to attack the Dome.

In the end, the Reverend's quest to have Jim repent cost the drug-addicted, delusional holy man his life. Jim's not one to take threats to his position of power lightly. He was willing to let the Reverend die in the fire to protect the secret. This time he went from being passive to using the Dome to murder his partner.

Jim has a dark side. After making Angie stay locked up overnight, he did have some compassion when the end of their existence was foreshadowed. He let her go. Of course, Junior found her again, but at least Jim proved he has at least a sliver of heart.

After all the tests the military ran on the Dome, why would they think MOAB would have any effect on it? The decision to bomb the Dome was illogical and the result was that the Dome remained and the outside land was scorched.

With the bombing failure, will the military return? Is there anything that can be done? Given the Chinese response to the Dome's appearance, it's unlikely the American government could leave it alone. For national security reasons, they have to continue to investigate its purpose and origin.

Now that lines of communication have been opened between those inside and outside the Dome, will they begin to work together to experiment on the Dome? That would appear to be the best course of action, though that doesn't mean that either side will comply. Whatever happens, Norrie and Joe must keep their abilities secret or they will be what's experimented on next.

Odds and Ends

  • What was Linda thinking? She's Sheriff now and warns the residents to stay away from the Dome and then touches it herself? What was up with that kiss with her fiance through the Dome? Will that mean something in the future? Will it affect Linda? Or, could the Dome learn from that exchange of love?
  • Norrie and Joe kissed and didn't have a seizure. Related to Linda's kiss, perhaps? 
  • Monarch butterflies: They tipped off the government of the magnetic disruption the Dome was causing. Though, another one appeared when the Reverend was killed. Is there more to the butterflies than initially thought? 
  • Dodee's sign language and then ability to read lips was an unexpected, but nice touch to the story.
  • Barbie was a "Jack Rabbit" in the military. The story he told about his unit has to fit in somewhere right? He's been deemed a hero, but is undeserving of that title. Will he earn it in Chester's Mill?
  • Skeeter Davis’s "The End of the World" was a good choice of song by Phil.
Jim's character continues to be questionable. Is he good for the town? Or is he too corrupted to be in his leadership role? Happy to see Barbie and Julie mend their relationship? Any guesses about what's going on with Norrie and Joe?

Blue on Blue Review

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