Under the Dome Review: Working in Mysterious Ways

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On Day 2 under the Dome, the Chester's Mill's residents found out the full scope of the situation they are in. With loved ones, neighbors and even the fire department stuck outside of town, those that remain must come together to survive.

In "The Fire," it became clear that the residents face two threats: The Dome and their fellow townspeople. The threat from the Dome is a long term issue of resources that are needed for survival, while the human threat is immediate. Duke was killed by the force field, but that specific danger is easily mitigated by staying away from the Dome. People, on the other hand, are unpredictable and dangerous.

House Fire

Paul killed Freddy by shooting at the Dome when the bullet ricocheted and hit his fellow officer. It wasn't the Dome that killed Freddy, it was Paul's instability. If other residents begin to panic in a similar manner, there will be plenty of blood shed. With Duke gone, someone else needs to step up and be a leader. At this point, Big Jim, Barbie, Julia, or perhaps Deputy Linda appear to be the front runners.

Most likely, it will be a combination of those players contributing in their own way. Though, that brings another human threat. Big Jim and Reverend Coggins are involved in illegal activity of some sort that's unrelated to the Dome. In the absence of this new situation, they could have continued in their criminal ways. Now, the Dome's appearance threatens whatever they are doing. That makes them dangerous.

The Reverend burned down a house to protect their secret. How far would they go? The idea of Big Jim with even more power is a frightening thought. Though, whatever he's been up to was supposedly to save the town. There's always the possibility that he really isn't that bad, right? Whatever his intentions, Big Jim's motivations are complex and unclear at this point.

After two episodes it's difficult to know who is good and who isn't. Barbie has stepped up and helped in numerous ways since the Dome appeared, but he also got into a fight with Peter that ended in the doctor's death. With Barbie's dream it was revealed that the man's death wasn't a cold-blooded murder. It was accidental in the midst of a struggle. Regardless, it's a tragedy. What was the deal that went bad? And, when will Julia figure out that her husband is dead?

Despite these troubled characters, the townspeople showed their community spirit when they all came together to help put out the fire. The question is: How long before they turn on each other? With resources limited, it will happen. They may delay the onset of panic through rations and other methods, but it's human nature to do whatever is necessary to survive.

The Dome has set into motion a series of events and circumstances, but it's going to be the people and their reaction to those that are the greatest threat to the town. At least, the answers are coming quickly. Between Joe's investigation and Dodee intercepting the military signal, they are starting to get an idea of the full scope of the Dome.

It's about 10 miles wide and it's not possible to dig under it. It's water permeable, so they may not end up with a water or oxygen shortage. The government isn't familiar with the Dome and their experiments to break through it have all failed. It's unlikely they are responsible for its creation. So ... where did it come from? Why is it there? And, what is its purpose? Those are all questions yet to be answered. And, most likely will take the entire season to be unraveled. 

The only characters that I don't really care about at this point are Junior and Angie. He's jealous and wants to protect her, but how does that fit into the bigger picture of the story being told? At this point, I'm not sure. I'm willing to give the show a little leeway with this, but I hope it ends up with a decent payoff. A girl stuck in an underground shelter doesn't have much to do.

So far, the story has been a compelling character study. With each of the first 10 episodes taking place over a single day, we will get to see the slow progression of the situation and how it changes each character. 

Who would you want to step up and be a town leader? Do you have a favorite character so far? Who is worse: Big Jim? Or Barbie?

The Fire Review

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