Chris Gorham Set Interview: Shipper Names, The Force of Henry Wilcox and High Season 4 Stakes

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Covert Affairs Season 4 kicked off this month with some pretty big secrets coming to light - and the revelations haven’t ceased since.

During our set visit to Toronto last month, Christopher Gorham gave us a look ahead at the rest of the summer, previewing Auggie's role as a boyfriend and hander, along with the higher stakes to come.

First, though, we asked the star the all-important question: Which shipper name does he like more: A-squared or Walkerson?

Christopher Gorham Set Shot

“Piper just told me she was a fan of Walkerson," Gorham replied. "I've always liked A-squared because it was so short and simple. Also, I love Ann Arbor and... Ann Arbor uses that. But I'm happy with [either] one of those."

What does Gorham think about Annie and Auggie finally getting together? 

“It's fun. I've been really happy with how the relationship has been playing since we started because I feel like it's been pretty realistic. You know, you have two people who have great chemistry and get along really well and work together really well and become very close friends... but they've always been in other relationships with other people so they weren't available. And [then] they finally reach a moment in time where they are both available they end up coming together and really falling in love. We’re really just following through on that.”

But as you’ve already seen in the opening episodes, this relationship is anything but easy given the nature of Auggie and Annie's jobs. And the tension is only exacerbated as Annie gets further entangled in Henry Wilcox’s plot.

“Henry's a huge force this season," Gorham teased. "It’s really the first time where we've had like one bad guy this whole season…somebody who's really out to get our heroes. He's angry, out for vengeance [and] not playing around. He's a scorched earth type of guy. The stakes are high.”

Look for Teo and Auggie to actually have a face-to-face conversation next Tuesday.

“[Auggie] has some great scenes with Teo. Teo comes into the picture for a reason. And he very much fits into this big puzzle that we're putting together this year," Gorham previewed, adding “there's a connection [Teo has] with Auggie that is pretty explosive.”

But all roads lead back to Arthur in some respects. We've already seen Auggie stand his ground with Arthur on the second episode of Covert Affairs Season 4, so what more can we expect from the these two?

“It's really big like high stakes emotional stuff. There's a lot of tension and and push and pull between the two of them... it's hard to talk about it without giving much away, but there's a lot.”

Also, look for Calder Michaels to continue causing trouble for Annie and Auggie.

“[The Annie/Auggie/Calder] relationship got set off on a direction in the first episode, which is: 'I don't trust you, we don't trust you either.' It's hard to tell who's right and who's wrong. The audience knows Annie and Auggie are good guys. Right? So does that mean Calder's a bad guy? You're just not sure.

"His character is ambitious, he wants the truth, he's a by-the-book kind of guy. And you've got these two clowns who are running around, like this girl is off the book in Columbia dragging a blind dude around with her. [Calder] has to kill somebody in public for them. It's a problem. He wants to get to the bottom of it... [and] it creates a great tension.

And, of course, tension and uncertainty is a Covert Affairs specialty. For more from my set visit, check out this interview with Peter Gallagher.

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