Covert Affairs Set Visit: Piper Perabo on Auggie and Annie, Secrets on Season 4

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Having already posted chats with Christopher Gorham and Peter Gallagher from our Covert Affairs set visit earlier this summer, now it's time to turn to the main star of this USA Network hit.

What sort of Season 4 intel can this actress declassify for us?

Piper Perabo on Set

First, she sounded off on the long-awaited consummation of the Annie and Auggie relationship and whether or not it met her preconceived expectations.

“It’s been like years in the making, that love scene. And I never actually thought it would happen at Annie’s house because Annie’s like above the garage apartment and it's not the romantic thing that I imagine their first love scene would be... For all my dreams of romance, I was like I’ll bet they’re in Bali... then they’re in Annie’s garage apartment. But it was still really fun and cool."

What was it like actually shooting the scene with Gorham?

“Well [Chris and I] knew it was coming because of the kiss at the end of [Covert Affairs Season 3]. We’re like, 'either the garage apartment explodes or we have sex.' It was gonna be one of those two things... I know Chris really well and because it’s television and it’s a certain kind of cable you know you can only show so much, so it does get super technical.  It’s so not a romantic answer it gets so technical about can you use your elbow to cover my boob and if I roll over I’m sorry... there’s just so many details! But it’s easier with an actor that you know really well.”

We’ve seen in past seasons that it’s not easy to date Annie Walker. And if that opening sequence in the Covert Affairs Season 4 premiere was any indication, things aren’t made any easier when your love interest is your handler and best friend.

“It’s like impossible to date Annie Walker because she’s constantly [on the move]. There’s an early episode where [Auggie] planned to have a romantic date and she has to leave…and although she’s flying cross country, not every person in the world is flying off to a country to assassinate somebody. [At the same time the idea that] your partner plans a beautiful dinner or date and your work is important and you have to be there is a real thing and I think that’s cool and Auggie does a good job of managing it.  He finds ways around it.”

With Arthur’s resignation and now Joan replacing him as the head of DCS, how does the Annie and Auggie relationship change?

"The resignation happens and the ground starts shifting. So keeping your secrets keeps you safe, and keeps the person you love safe, so the whole thing starts shifting under their feet as why he resigned comes out.”

Perabo teases that there’s a lot more to learn about Auggie and Arthur’s past together: “It’s so awesome that Arthur knows [Auggie’s secrets]… it’s all tied together and that Arthur knows things about Auggie - big dark things - that Annie doesn’t know, and how Annie finds out are all are a lot about what the season’s about.”

With Joan at the helm, “she becomes this person that is very on the inside with Annie and Auggie. Her being pregnant, although it has nothing to do with them literally, there’s a sort of trust there or a sort of like mother bird of the whole agency [and] she is one of the people that knows everything and it makes sense that then she’s the head of [Annie and Auggie].”

We already saw that mother hen side come out when she facilitated the cover-up of Joan’s sponsor's death at Annie’s, which took place in last week’s installment.

And if you needed any more reasons to get in front of your television for Covert Affairs this summer, Perabo let us in on the things she’s most excited for fans to see:

“It’s getting deeper and darker and heavier and the missions are the stakes are higher. It was really interesting to do a rookie season for season one… now that I have as much experience as Annie Walker does, I want to do more action, bigger car chases.”

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