Hawaii Five-0 Season 4 Premiere Pics: Welcome, Chi McBride!

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Hawaii Five-0 will undergo a few changes on Season 4.

First, the show will move to Fridays and premiere on September 27.

Second, it will welcome a few special guest stars, beginning on the opener with Chi McBride, who will resurrect a character made famous on the original 1970s incantation of the series: SWAT Captain Lou Grover. Get your first look at the veteran actor in this role via the following premiere pictures. Click to enlarge:

Chi McBride on Hawaii Five-0
Hawaii Five-0 Premiere Scene

CBS has also released the official synopsis for the Hawaii Five-0 Season 4 premiere.

It will feature Henry Ian Cusick as a member of a terrorist organization, along with danger for Catherine. Consider yourself spoiler warned and read through it now:

After McGarrett and Wo Fat narrowly escape from maximum security, gunmen storm Five-0 headquarters, compromising Kono and Adam's secret location in Hong Kong and forcing McGarrett to break the law and turn on his own in order to find a kidnapped Catherine.

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Hawaii Five-0 Season 4 Episode 1 Quotes

Danny Williams: I just handed Wo Fat over to the feds--they're prepping him, getting him ready to transfer to a super max in Colorado.
Steve McGarrett: Did he say who was behind the attack?
Danny Williams: No, he wasn't feeling very chatty.

Adam Noshimuri: Are you sure you understand what this means?
Kono Kalakaua: No. But it's what we're gonna do. It's what we have to do.