Perception Review: Second Chances

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"Warriors" completed the two-part summer finale of Perception, wrapping up the case surrounding Kate as a potential murderer and throwing a bunch of twists and cover-ups into the mix to cap it all off.

In a lot of ways, "Wounded" and its follow up reminded me of the Perception Season 1 finale combo of "Shadow" and "Light." Both focused on core characters trying to expose a truth that, at the same time, explored a deeper aspect of each.

Where Daniel Pierce was forced to deal with his schizophrenia in the freshman season finale, Kate Moretti learned here that she was so focused on her job (and ultimately not in fact a cold blooded killer.)

But the outcome wasn't all I hoped it to be, as it was with Daniel really embracing his demons.

Helping Morretti

Daniel and Donnie's concern that it looked like Kate was a crazy person who stalked Rickford seemed spot on. It was hard to buy her story, even though her reasoing was just determination to stop Rickford from raping anyone again.

The therapy sessions should have exposed that real human element to Kate, rather than her brushing off the kill like it was nothing. Sure, on some level they did reveal a bit about her youth and some tears about feeling like being an FBI agent is all she is in life.

She's dedicated to her job. And that fact is obvious, so it was good that she was able to come to the realization. Except I felt like we barely scratched the surface of Kate. Even the therapy sessions seemed rather quick. It just didn't feel like we got the same depth we've been able to experience with Daniel.

I did like that she did for a moment believe that she had perhaps perceived the Rickford situation all along. It was even bold to accept a plea deal and take the consequences for her actions.

Yet I was sprt pf hoping Rickford was completely innocent for the fact that it would have thrown a crazy wrench into the whole ordeal. And it could have struck a real chord in the fact that Kate did finally screw up. But we all know that could never happen because the show would find a way to free Kate. And it did with happy ending success.

And while I liked that Donnie showed how much he cared for her (by the way having a great arc for this season going from jerk to good guy), I thought it was ridiculous he quit his job and then after winning was quickly reinstated. No harm, no foul, right?

It was also great to see Donnie refuse to hop in the sack with the vulnerable Kate. I think the two have good chemistry together. Scott Wolf should definitely stick around as the lawyer ex-husband.

As for the case, it just felt like a means to an end with all the wild twists from Rickford's a wuss to Rickford is blackmailing his boss to Rickford's father ready for the son to be killed.

But through it all, there was a great message about second chances from the very cool "Clementine" singing soldier right on down to Daniel and his college love, Miranda.

The Daniel aspects were the best parts of the hour, but the moments between Daniel and Miranda were fantastic. From Daniel admitting the ultimate truth about Natalie and his schizophrenia to Miranda wanting to go with it and actually meet Natalie. Even if Natalie felt awkward at the first meeting.

Perrey Reeves was insatiable as ever with Miranda, and her connection with Daniel was great. I hope we get to see more of her as it would be very interesting to watch Daniel have to handle a relationship on top of everything else.

While this wasn't the most exciting episode of Perception, and a lot felt relatively predictable, the neurological focused moments, anything with Daniel Pierce, and ultimately, the characters all felt like they jumped big hurdles in their lives to move on towards something new. And that's important especially in wanting to see Daniel, Kate and Donnie grow, even if I wanted to see more. Either way, the future definitely looks bright for the show, no matter what your perception.

Warriors Review

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