Rookie Blue Round Table: "You Are Here"

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While the boys bonded in a cabin in the woods, a friendship unravelled back home on the latest Rookie Blue.

Below, TV Fanatic Christine Orlando is joined by Kathryn, Alison, and Evelyn from Two Worlds Collide: A Sam Swarek/Andy McNally Fan Forum as they debate whether Chris is truly spineless, can Gail and Andy save their friendship and what Sam Swarek should do next.

So join in, Rookie Blue fans, and give us your answers in the comments below regarding "You Are Here."


What was your favorite scene from the episode?

Kathryn: I have to go with Ollie tricking Sam into FINALLY admitting his feelings out loud. The depth of emotion and Ollie's delighted reaction were both perfect!

Alison: Sam slipping to Oliver about his underlying feelings for Andy. I knew Sam was at the point where he needed to open up. Hanging out with Oliver in his new cabin was the perfect opportunity. The emotion went straight to my heart.

Evelyn: This is actually my fav scene of Rookie Blue Season 4 so far: the conversation between Oliver and Sam. It highlighted the true beauty of Sam/Ollie friendship but it also finally abandoned subtext and offered REAL WORDS. And the words were more meaningful than a "I still love her," because they showed that Sam, if given the opportunity is READY. If given the chance he would be all in. The way he said them, the despair and wholehearted wishing. He has never stopped loving her. This is what Andy needs to hear, no platitudes. This scene repaired so much of my fears and despair. HUGE hats off to both Matt Gordon and Ben Bass for delivering true GOLD.

Christine: The Oliver/Sam scene was great but I'm going to be different. When Chris asked, "Top or bottom" and Dov told him, "Don't ever ask me that again." I couldn't stop laughing. Priceless.

Rookie Blue Round Table 1-27-15

Was Dov right? Is Chris spineless?

Kathryn: That word was a little harsh, but Dov did have a valid point. I thought Chris had some fair points about Dov as well. That whole argument was so real and genuine. Kudos to both the writing and acting. So glad those two were able to clear the air.

Alison: I think up until last week's episode, he was by always following other people's leads. He's been Dudley Do-Right, but this experience with Denise and Christian and moving away then coming back will change his outlook on things.

Evelyn: Another brilliant scene. Chris isn't spineless, far from it. He showed that last episode. Dov pushed Chris in a way that he needed to be pushed. In the same way that Ollie pushed Sam minutes later. Chris has NEVER put himself first and  that may seem like a weakness to some. I think that Chris is strong and will get more self confident.

Christine: There's little doubt he let Denise walk all over him and the Dudley Do-Right routine has gotten old. Something tells me we're going to see a much more interesting version of Chris in the near future.

Sam finally admitted out loud how he feels about Andy. Any chance he'll do something about it?

Kathryn: Ha! The million dollar question. From the promo, it looks like Marlo's situation will probably delay things for a bit. But I think he will finally take some action, hopefully by episode 412. I don't want to wait any longer!

Alison: I think so, something has got to give at some point. Things just take longer with Sam, and for many men it's hard to open up with honest feelings. I think he realizes he has to in order to live life to the fullest.

Evelyn: I'd bet my next paycheck on it (and I need my next paycheck). YES! Ben Bass, when asked on twitter a similar question said Sam has to fight at some point and that he takes no prisoners. I don't know how successful he will be but I believe he will make his desire very clear to Andy.

Christine: He'd better make it quick! Andy's falling harder for Nick every day. Unless Sam wants to interrupt them at the altar I think he needs to take some action soon.

Can Gail and Andy's friendship be salvaged?

Kathryn: Yes. I think things will stay rocky for a while. But I think eventually the fact that Gail played a part in her breakup with Nick rather than being dumped for no reason will allow Gail to forgive Andy. I'm not sure things will ever be quite the same, but I think they can rebuild something. But I love that Gail stuck it to Andy for now!!

Alison: Not anytime soon. Gail was visibly upset Andy is hooking up with Nick and reasonably so. As long as Andy's with Nick, she'll always be reminded of the heartache every time she sees them at work.

Evelyn: Honestly, I don't know if the Andy we are currently dealing with is capable of caring enough about someone other than herself to give much time or attention to salvaging a friendship. I think she deserved Gail's response in spades but sadly not even that had any effect because somehow a guy she has been dating for two seconds is worth causing pain and heartache to someone that she considers a friend.

Christine: Andy made such a mess of this that I felt she deserved the dressing down and leave it to Gail to pull it off perfectly. Eventually, with some time and space, perhaps they can put their friendship back together but only if Nick and Andy break up.  I know Gail's the one who cheated but I don't think she'll ever be able to look at Nick and Andy together and not feel like she was second best.

What did you think of Oliver's cabin in the woods?

Kathryn: I think it has potential for a pretty sweet man cave. Oliver is the best, sweetest man, and I adore him!! He took the whole divorce with a lot of grace and little drama. He had about the most benign mid-life crisis imaginable. Go Ollie!! P.S. So great that Chris & Dov were really part of the club by the end.

Alison: I loved it! Huge wrap-around porch and lots of potential for romantic getaways for Oliver and Celery, and any other couple that Oliver sees fit.

Evelyn: LOVE IT! I would have bought it too if I had the chance. Glad to see Oliver doing something for himself.

Christine: The perfect place for adventures and heart to heart chats. Maybe Celery put a spell on the place because it's already worked some magic.

Which character really deserves the title Captain of the Universe?

Kathryn: Great question! Ben always makes me want to shout Sam, but I think right now the only character that really deserves that title is Frank. Possibly Oliver too. I think every other character is still working through horrible no-win situations in compelling but in very messy, flawed ways. I think a lot of them will be on track enough to earn that at some point in season 5, but none of them are there right now.

Alison: Hands down, Oliver Shaw, just for his insights and advice for McSwarek this season. And he found a woman who he is having fun with.

Evelyn: It's sure as hell NOT Nick Collins. Captain of the Universe label goes to the only and really only Sam Swarek - for everything he is/isn't, has done, will do, for his strength and his weaknesses. He is REAL, even when he pretends to be something he isn't. Sam is there when he is needed and everyone turns to him because they know that when push comes to shove Sam Swarek will do what he feels is right, even if occasionally it's looked at as wrong.

Christine: I vote Oliver. He is the man! Good friend. Avid McSwarek shipper. Stand up guy. Heck, I even love that he's dating a witch. He's my hero.

C. Orlando is a TV Fanatic Staff Writer. Follow her on Twitter.

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