True Blood Round Table: "Dead Meat"

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Are you ready for a True Blood wedding? What about a True Blood baby? Or a True Blood mass killing?

This week's episode, "Dead Meat," teased all these possibilities and more, as Season 6 inches closer to a conclusion and our panelists inch their virtual chairs closer to the weekly Round Table in order to break down the latest Bon Temps developments.

Join staff members Leigh Raines and Chris O'Hara now, as they're joined below by Liz Henderson of and trio dissects their favorite scenes, quotes and more...


What was your favorite quote or scene from the episode?
Leigh: "Oozy but productive." Oh, Pam. I love your humor.

Liz: Sookie's “Fucking eternity? Couldn't he just ask me to go to the movies with him next week? It’s like all men are incapable of just wanting to date me.” That's our Sook!

Chris: Sarah Newlin to Steve on the hamster wheel: “It is scientifically impossible for you to be this fucking slow!"

True Blood Round Table

Should Sookie marry Warlow?
Leigh: I mean, she's never going to have a "normal" life and be able to end up with a non-supe. She'll read his mind and it'll be bad. Plus, I'm sure human sex isn't that good compared to vampire sex. So what is Warlow bringing to the table? I need to hear his proposition.

Liz: I don't think so, at least not on his terms. He may have waited 6,000 years for her but she's just met him only a couple of days ago. I think she would marry him if he dated her for a while and gave her a chance at seeing that he's really not a bad monster. That he could give her the happiness and companionship she's wanting. But to exist only in a bubble, where only the two of them live, would ultimately be bad for Sookie.

Chris: No, because there still is something I don’t trust about him. If a wedding does take place, my bet is Niall finds a way to return and object.

Will Sam make a good father?
Leigh: Yes. Sam would make a great father... as long as he pays attention to the kid and they don't always have to be on the run.

Liz: Yes. Sam would make a good father... if he's given the chance. Judging by his track record with women, though, I would be surprised if that plays out at all.

Chris: Definitely. First order of business would be to move as far away from Bon Temps as possible.

Sarah Newlin going all homicidal on that Tru Blood lady: Cool scene or the COOLEST scene?
Leigh: OMG, this scene just confirmed how truly batshit crazy Sarah Newlin is. Death by stiletto, I have the chills.

Liz: I'm not sure how to answer this one. Was it a great fight scene? Yes, definitely! I love that Suzuki didn't go down so easily and Sarah was surely not a fighter. Coolest? I was grossed out and that's not cool.

Chris: While I respect her taking that shot to the groin like a champ, the death-by-designer footwear was a bit much. Lucky for her she had Jesus on her side.

Who do you feel worse for: Eric (for Nora), Arlene (for Terry) or Pam (for sleeping with that therapist)?
Leigh: Even though it's not the most exciting part of the show, I genuinely feel bad for Arlene.

Liz: It's a toss-up between Eric and Arlene. Eric hasn't had anyone close to him taken away from since his family were all murdered by Russell Edgington. His pain was genuine and I felt it. Arlene finally has a husband who makes her happy and then he's gone after finally being freed of his demons. Sad. And thank you for making me cry all over again, Round Table Question Guy!

Chris: Arlene deserves better. Her luck with men I think is even worse than Sookie’s.

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I don't know why death still surprises me.


You gotta eat yah grease to beat the booze.


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