Boardwalk Empire Review: Plenty Wasn't Enough

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Nucky made the long haul to Florida this week, but found it to be not as sunny as he had anticipated.

Meanwhile, Back in New York Arnold and Narcisse met to discuss heroin.

Yes, there was a lot of talk about the future on "Acres of Diamond," but the past played catch up with Gillian and Richard and Eli's son just tried to fit in with his classmates. 

Seeing blood splattered on a Florida wall to close out the episode was nothing new to this Dexter fan, yet it did leave open a great many ways the Florida story could play out for Nucky. He certainly is a man with the right connections and money, but what of the potential fall out from Mccoy killing Tucker? Surely he has people who will come looking for him.

Patricia Arquette on Boardwalk Empire

It was interesting to hear Nucky speak of happier times when he was just a corrupt politician... before Prohibition went and complicated things, before plenty wasn't enough. Sally (Patricia Arquette) wasn't having any of his self pity party though as she delivered my favorite line of the episode. 

Anyone who says money doesn't buy happiness, doesn't know where to shop. | permalink

My guess is Nucky will stay in Florida for a bit longer than he anticipated. This probably will not benefit Chalky, who - without his friend watching his back - might be too busy eyeing his new act to see Dunn and Dr. Narcisse conspiring to unseat him. Narcisse has filled the villain void left by the departure of Gyp Rosetti, very well. He has little love for the white man, but enough tolerance so that he would not deny himself opportunity. Case in point: he met and did business with Rothstein, even though shaking hands with the man disgusted him.

His resourcefulness may prove to be his undoing, though, for I wonder what his students would think when they learn how he is profiting from the poisoning of his own people. 

Down at Temple University, it was college shame day, as Willy Thompson was embarrassed by his classmates. It took some balls to roll up to Mickey Doyle's warehouse like he did, to score booze for his friends. Mickey was great as always, sassing the young scholar. But I wasn't really sure if he was going to end up giving the kid some whiskey or not. Letting him take the case was a nice moment and had me hoping we might later on see Willy enlist Mickey's help to settle the score with the guys back at school who had a laugh at his expense. 

Will got caught with his pants down and Gillian almost got walked in on with her skirt up, as she shot up while on her date with Roy. She played her role as his wife well, but showed hints of high at times.  The comment she made, about Roy wanting to marry her when she was still underage, was a reference to the Commodore I thought. More of her sordid past resurfaced later on when she was recognized by the friend of the man she killed and passed off as Jimmy. 

Richard's past also came a knocking, but thanks to his sister, he will get to feel the sun on his unmasked face again. It was a treat to see where Richard grew up and to meet his siblling finally, but hopefully his departure meant he is heading back to Atlantic City where he can cause the most trouble and do what he does best. Part of me, however, also wouldn't mind seeing him stay at home, get a puppy and leave that gun and that part of him buried. That kind of Hallmark moment wouldn't really stoke ratings, though, would it? 

What do you think and what did you like most about the episode? 

Acres of Diamond Review

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Boardwalk Empire Season 4 Episode 3 Quotes

Bill McCoy: Tucker is very excited to meet you.
Nucky: Most people are, until they do.

Lighter on the blood, heavier on the Mary.