Bones Exclusive: Who is Brennan's Maid of Honor?

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Booth and Brennan will get married on Bones Season 9. This much we know.

But who will land the role of Maid of Honor in this highly anticipated wedding?

I saw Michaela Conlin this week at the annual Fox Eco Casino Fall TV party and asked the actress this question, while also learning Angela’s point of view on the events from the May finale, along with when she'll cross paths with Pelant. In anticipation of Monday's big premiere, scroll down for excerpts from our exclusive Q&A...


TV Fanatic: Angela has a very strong stance regarding the Booth/Brennan rift that she is very vocal about. When you first read the script, did you think that maybe it was too harsh or did you think she said exactly what she should?
Michaela Conlin: I was wondering what [the writers] were up to. What’s going to happen here? But really putting myself in her shoes – literally – it makes a lot of sense. It really does make a lot of sense. I have a friend going through a breakup now and I have really strong feelings about it. I think in her mind it’s very justified.

TVF: And the flipside of it, if Angela hadn’t said anything and maybe Cam had been the harder of the two, that doesn’t really fit with the characters.
MC: I know! And [Angela and Booth] are still taking some digs at each other even throughout this wedding episode. I’m excited that it hasn’t resolved itself quite yet.

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TVF: And that’s real life. You just don’t forget these things.
MC: And I like at this point in the show we’re seeing some different sides to the characters that we haven’t seen. I’m glad that Hart and Stephen are like ‘Alright, let’s push this open a little bit.’

TVF: It surely proves that this is really a family because that’s what families do.
MC: For sure! We so are a family over there.

TVF: What do we see moving forward with Angela and Brennan? There’s a little of it in the premiere but she’s going to need to open up about this breakup.
MC: Yes, she is, for sure. Brennan asks her to be the maid of honor in the wedding and I think they’re definitely parts of each other, Angela and Brennan, and you see that in the wedding episode a lot, throughout the planning of it. We just did a scene where Brennan comes to Angela and is like ‘You have to understand why…’ it’s interesting to see us flip. Angela is usually trying to get Brennan to be more rational but we traded places in that moment.

The wedding stuff has been great. It’s a big crazy episode, there’s a lot of people in it, it’s going to be fun.

TVF: Is there a case in the episode?
MC: There is a case, yes! We were joking ‘We don’t have a day off here, ever.’ The focus is the wedding but we’re definitely all doing both things so that’s been fun.

TVF: Does the wedding touch on the other relationships? Like, do you and Hodgins look at each other a certain way?
MC: A little bit, yes. It’s not a major storyline but we definitely have a couple of scenes where…they’re planning some things out and getting involved with things involved with the wedding.

The Squinterns are back and I think all of them are coming back. I don’t know if we’ve ever had them all in the house... I met Joanna Cassidy today, oh my God! It’s going to be a big fun couple of days.

TVF: Is it a church wedding?
MC: That’s a good question! Yes and no.

TVF: Do Angela and Hodgins have some stand alone storylines this season?
MC: We were hoping! I’d heard there was a potential storyline with Hodgins family, a family member from the past coming back, which would be interesting because he owns the Jeffersonian. I’ve been hoping that was going to happen because they were so rich…I’m hoping that that happens.

TVF: Are we seeing the baby at all?
MC: We joke that he’s going to be a teenager by the time we see him again. His voice will be changing…but we haven’t seen him yet.

TVF: Any scenes with Freddie Prinze Jr?
MC: I did not but Booth and, I believe, Sweets did…

TVF: Do you still get excited over some of the guest stars who pop up?
MC: I do! We’ve all worked together so long and we have such a good group that it’s always fun to work with someone different. Everyone gets along. There’s very little drama to report so I should make something up! I really like working with all the Squinterns, too. They’re fun!

TVF: I want to be sure…has Angela ever met Pelant in person?
MC: That’s such a good question! No, their computers have met.

TVF: Will she?
MC: Oh my God! I can’t answer that. I can’t answer that.

Bones Season 9 kicks off on September 19 at 8 p.m. on Fox.

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