Breaking Bad Round Table: "To'hajiilee"

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Have you taken a breath yet?

Breaking Bad left fans gasping for air at the conclusion of Sunday's "To'hajiilee," as Walt appeared to have have been apprehended, only for Uncle Jack and his band of Neo Nazis to swoop in and seemingly take down Hank. For good?

That's one of the questions our Round Table panel of Matt Richenthal, Jim Halterman, Sean McKenna and Steve Marsi debate below. Pull up a virtual chair and join them now!


What was your favorite scene from the episode?
Matt: I'll go with Hank's call to Marie. Because you just knew what it meant for the DEA agent's fate. To watch these two express their love for one another only ensured that Hank will never actually make it home to his purple paradise. Positively gut-wrenching to watch.

Jim: Walt driving like a bat out of Hell to get his money. Just seeing his manic face and hearing Jesse verbally bitch slap him over the phone was so phenomenal I had to watch it three times.

Sean: Have to agree with Jim on Walt racing to the desert to save his money. Jesse was finally able to get the upper hand, boss him around, call him a bitch and continually threaten to burn the dough. Walt was definitely pissed and desperate - and it was fantastic.

Steve: Jesse's phone call that finally turned the tables on Walt. He finally outwitted the master, and whatever happens in the aftermath of the shootout, that confession could still be out there if Hank and Gomie set up a wire.

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Jesse, Hank and Gomez. Will any make it out alive?
Matt: No way Jesse dies unless it's by Walt's hand, but Breaking Bad is simply too good to find Hank a way out of this one. It would be far too unrealistic for him survive the hail of those bullets, although the fact that we didn't see his body drop to the dessert leaves Marie's man with the tiniest shred of hope. But it's smaller than the odds of Badger penning the next Star Trek movie.

Jim: I'm thinking Gomez will bite it for sure. I wouldn't think Hank but his last phone chat with Marie was very sweet and makes the fact that he could die be even more sad (and very Breaking Bad-esque). I think Jesse and Walt still need their showdown so Jesse isn't going to die... yet.

Sean: Gomez and Hank should die, not because I want them to, but because that many bullets have to hit them at some point. But Jesse can't die yet, though I have no idea how he's going to get away.

Steve: I think Jesse will, setting up another all-time confrontation between himself and Walt in the desert. Hank and Steve are done for. RIP

Does Walt Jr. have a future in the car wash business?
Matt: No. It would be too difficult to serve as a cash register while eating cereal.

Jim: Walt Jr is a natural. Depending on what happens to Walt (or Skyler, too, since she's an accomplice), A-1 is in excellent hands!! I know Walt Jr's enthusiasm would make me a regular A-1 customer. (Go branding!)

Sean: Walt Jr. has a future in any business, but preferably where there involves breakfast. Denny's perhaps? Either way, he's mastered the "Have an A1 day" line like a pro. Now, if only he could figure out what his parents' real business is...

Steve: Sure. Lower risk of death than his dad's off-the-books profession, at least.

Who is better at branding, Lydia or Skyler?
Matt: Skyler. She isn't afraid to get her hands dirty at this point. Lydia, however, can't even bring herself to listen to the sound of bullets. No way would she be able to use a poker and actually brand someone.

Jim: I think Lydia because she puts that fearful/desperate spin on everything that comes out of her mouth. The lady is in over her head but can still bring up branding? You go, girl!

Sean: Lydia because she's just batty. The woman has people killed when the product isn't up to snuff. It's all about the blue.

Steve: Have to go give it to Lydia. Despite her murderous flaws, she expanded the Heisenberg brand to Eastern Europe, and you can't take that away from her. Skyler's a convincing small businesswoman for her money laundering operation, but we've seen no evidence that her methods have had an A-1 effect on profit margins. None.

What would you title a Huell spinoff?
Matt: Family Huells would be a multi-camera comedy about the big man and his goofy loved ones. On CBS, of course.

Jim: Everybody Loves Huell. (A sitcom where Huell moves in an apartment across the hall from his gambling addict mother, played by Viola Davis).

Sean: Oh No, Huell Didn't. After two months, Huell decides to leave the safe house and begins his zany adventures as a pickpocket finding love in all the wrong places.

Steve: Holler at Huell.

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