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In the Haven Season 4 premiere, the town may have looked the same, but the "Fallout" from the actions that occurred in the Season 3 finale meant significant changes to the characters who make up the community we all love so much.

It was a rather ambiguous beginning - and there are a lot of questions raised as we race full throttle into the action with Duke falling out of the barn and into an aquarium in Boston. At least we learned quickly he was gone six months, presumed dead and the barn was destroyed. 

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We also learned relatively quickly what happened with pretty much everyone else, as well. Nathan saved Jordan and skipped town to become a human punching bag as some sort of therapy. When Haven was in crisis, Dwight stepped up to the plate and accepted the badge - he's the new Chief of Police. Jordan has been towing the line in the Guard even though she still feels free to mouth off to its leader, Vince. For some reason, the police station seems to have more cops in uniform than ever before. 

Audrey was apparently spit out of the barn, too, but it was difficult to tell exactly how long she had been out. While she gets a new set of memories every time she falls out of the barn and had a brand new job, those characteristics make it impossible to tell if she had been out a couple of days or weeks or months. She's going by Lexie now, and I've decided to call her Lexie when she's in that personality, just as I called her past personas Sarah and Lucy. It just makes differentiating what's going on a little bit easier.

Lexie is cool. Audrey was smart and sassy. Lexie has less self confidence in herself overall, but is more sexual. She had no problem coming on to William (new cast member Colin Ferguson) when he sat himself at her bar. Did you notice that the person she was working with at the bar looked like a stunt double for Jordan McKee? Upon first glance, I thought perhaps Jordan was playing a trick on the newly dropped Lexie and had hired her somewhere. It made me wonder if something in Lexie's psyche drew her not to the job but to her coworker. Where in the world is Lexie, anyway?

Emily Rose doesn't play each of her characters with as much distinction as Tatiana Maslany does in Orphan Black, but that's done with purpose. Each time she comes back to Haven, some thread of her "self" remains, whether she has tapped into it or not. I can't imagine it's an easy task to play the subtle nuances of the same person again and again, but Emily does it convincingly.

Duke, Nathan and new-found Troubled soul Jennifer are in Haven to search for Audrey so that Nathan may sacrifice himself as her one true love to end the Troubles forever; something Jennifer heard in her head while everyone was scurrying around the barn. Nathan definitely knows Audrey well, and has a strong history with her "self," as he also fathered a child with Sarah. Duke, however, still questions whether he is her greatest love.

With the introduction of William, I'm with Duke. It was really fun to have a callback to the premiere of Haven with the mystery of the weather Trouble plaguing Haven and Nathan's recollection of Audrey's involvement and how she solved the problem when they first met. It was compelling evidence of their history and just a nice tie-in to our first introduction to Audrey. William, however, seems to know Audrey quite well, too. In what way?

I have a couple of ideas ruminating in my head as far as William is concerned. The first is that William is Agent Howard's replacement. Howard was noticeably absent. With his failure to ensure things went well with the barn and the fiasco that ensued - if he's alive - I'm betting his bosses aren't very happy with him. Perhaps he has been replaced and William is the new man. 

My second notion is that William may be another suitor who has been through things with Audrey (or Sarah or Lucy) and in and out of the barn, perhaps trapped in there and unknown to Vince and Dave - and he's a love of hers. You know I'm winging it here and I'm doing that to find a way that Audrey could kill someone other than Nathan to make the Troubles go away. Honestly? My first guess is far more rational and is the theory I'm sticking with.

In his capacity as the new Agent on the mission, William could have another solution besides killing the person she loves the most to end the Troubles. As she asked last season, what did she do to get that particular Trouble? Since it would end all the Troubles, it would almost be THE Trouble...the one that started and ended it all. How unlucky could a person get?

Things that rocked the premiere and miscellaneous thoughts:

  • Duke's brother, Wade, owns The Grey Gull. We'll get to see Duke uncomfortable around family (that's always a fun thought!) and he'll be without his beloved bar.
  • William told Lexie if she doesn't figure out who she is, a lot of people will die. I can't wait to find out what people he is talking about. The residents of Haven? Other people we have yet to meet? Hurry up next Friday!
  • Jordan didn't die. We knew that already, but it's still great to see her in action.
  • Dwight is front and center. Not only had Adam Copeland earned his right to be a major part of the team, but his character has superhero qualities that make a fantastic police chief. Run up to the scene of a crime and absorb the bullets. Hell yeah!
  • Do you think we'll find out what happened to Agent Howard, James and Arla? Arla should have been spit out if she was sucked into the barn and healed, right?

They let out just enough information tonight to get us amped up and ready for the season to roll and then cut us short. It was almost as if we had a mini finale in the first episode of the season. Next week can't get here fast enough. What are your predictions and how did you like the premiere? Hit the comments!

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