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Having moved away from the city of Nashville over a year ago now, it was a bit of a homecoming having the TV show Nashville finally return with its second season premiere.

"I Fall to Pieces" was a great start to the year, servicing each of our favorite characters well and highlighting the stories of a couple of new series regulars along the way.

Rayna in a Coma

It was announced over the summer that Chris Carmack, as well as sisters Lennon and Maisy Stella, had been promoted to series regular for season two. And the writers didn't waste any time building on their hearty story lines that concluded the first season.

The two girls, new to the acting game, were amazing every time they sang in season one, but remained hot and cold in their acting performances throughout. In the season two premiere, however, they proved to be a bright spot.

Watching Maddie and Daphne react to their mother's coma, and then her waking up from it, was deeply emotional. It got a bit misty over here when the two girls realized their mom was actually going to be okay.

Mr. Carmack, meanwhile, who some of us know and love from his days on The OC, has been given the challenge of portraying this character who has such a difficult time figuring out how he wants to live his life.

Will is gay, but gives off this perception of being a womanizer because he thinks it benefits his career aspirations of being a country star. Even to his now good friend Gunnar, he can't admit that he is in the closet.

Carmack has done a great job - especially in the moment in this premiere when he had to tell the girl to head on home - of letting bits of Will's emotions seep out. The guy tries to keep them all bottled out, and at some point that's not going to work.

Let's meet the rest of the band...

Yes she was in a coma for most of the hour, but thanks to those interesting flashbacks, we weren't withheld our moments with Rayna. I know we have known about the facts that those flashbacks were showing, but it was still a nice feature to see what the early Rayna and Deacon relationship was like.

You had to love this guy taking all of the blame for what happened, even though Rayna was the one driving. He's right. His drinking had a lot to do with why they crashed. Luckily for us, that's not how the law works, because now we don't have to watch him sit in a jail cell for the entirety of the series.

The two sides of Juliette Barnes were in full effect here, as much of the premiere she spent complaining about how Rayna's coma was having a negative effect on her album release. She also used Rayna's misfortunes to her advantage with that tribute to her at the album release concert. She can just be an awful person sometimes.

But then there are moments like when she gave her number to Maddie and told her to call her any time, and you have to just adore her. When that heart comes out, and she is actually nice to people, it's fantastic to watch.

The Kids Club
It looks like the love triangle might be back in full effect! Scarlett said no to Gunnar's proposal, but after his trip to the Bluebird, he might be back in her good graces. Avery, meanwhile, has been nothing but good to her for a while now, so anything could happen at this point!

It was a great jumping off point for Nashville Season 2. What did you all think of "I Fall to Pieces?" What were your favorite moments? What didn't you like? Are you excited to see Carmack and the girls have bigger roles  And which song was the best of the night?

I Fall to Pieces Review

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Nashville Season 2 Episode 1 Quotes

Avery: Can't take no for an answer huh?
Gunnar: Guess that makes two of us.

Rayna: I'm just gonna live my life.
Lamar: It's always best to just leave the past behind.

Nashville Season 2 Episode 1 Music

  Song Artist
Lord huron i will be back one day I Will Be Back One Day Lord Huron iTunes
Song How You Learn To Live Alone Jonathan Jackson
Bart crow busted Busted Bart Crow iTunes