Parenthood Spoilers: New Season, New Baby... and Sweet Romance!

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Starting tonight, the Bravermans are back for a fifth season of laughs, tears, drama and triumphs that have helped make Parenthood a TV Fanatic favorite.

I had an early look at the opening episode, "It Has To Be Now" and, trust me, there's much to look forward to when the action picks up about seven months after May's emotional finale.

Let’s check in with our favorite TV family - and, as always, be sure to keep the tissues close by this evening...

Parenthood Photo: Mae Whitman
  • Amber (Mae Whitman) is trying to keep it together as boyfriend Ryan (Matt Lauria) is back serving our country in a location he cannot share during their sweet Skype visits. However, you romantics out there will love where things head by the end of the episode.
  • Sarah is single and managing an apartment building, where a bachelor (Drop Dead Diva's Josh Stamberg) flirts with her in between younger conquests. Is she smitten?!!
  • Hank (Ray Romano) is back in town and ends up spending time in his photo studio with the always-curious Max (Max Burkholder). We'll see that his mind is on Sarah, but they are not back together... at least not yet. Sadly, Mark (Jason Ritter) is nowhere to be seen.
  • Drew (Miles Heizer) is immersed in the local college, which only makes Sarah realize she's not part of his life like she used to be. The scenes with Drew and Amber talking about to handle their often over-motherly mother are some of my favorite.
  • The new baby comes quick for Crosby (Dax Shepard) and Jasmine (Joy Bryant) and their adjustments bring some of the episode's best laughs and real moments. Krause tries to help his brother deal with those first weeks with a newborn.
  • Kristina (Monica Potter) is still cancer free and wanting to live life to its fullest. Watch for her to and get a job offer which actually pushes her to reaching for something even larger. Adam (Peter Krause) tries to be the supportive husband through it all.
  • After time away from the legal profession, Julia (Erika Christensen) is ready to re-enter the work force but finds her past having a stronghold on her present.

Parenthood Season 5 shifts to Thursdays at 10 p.m. on NBC and premieres TONIGHT. Visit TV Fanatic immediately after the first episode for a full recap and review.

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Parenthood Season 5 Episode 1 Quotes

That's my motto for life - I'm just in it for the sugar.


Max: I walked, during my radius, that I can walk to on my own. The idea is that I build autonomy so that eventually I'll be able to move out and support myself. Also, eventually, they're going to die, so I'm going to need to learn to live on my own anyway.
Hank: Hmm. That's touching.