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Revolution kicked off in a place that was much the same, yet it took more than a cursory glance at the world to show that everything was changing in "Born in the U.S.A."

And all of it for the better.

Miles On the Run

Flynn turning the power on and Rachel and Aaron being unable to stop the nukes from landing in the Monroe Republic and Georgia Federation sent the entirety of the east coast into chaos and ruin - and the event also plunged our characters into completely different head spaces.

The power coming back on, only to be a misdirection, sending the world into even more chaos was really the best course of action for the story, as we can now follow the power through to its own logical conclusion, exploring the aftermath of those who survived, those who didn’t and those who want to take over.

The characters are sharper and more focused; Charlie running off on her own, giving her a chance to really be an adult, to make adult choices (and some poor choices, no doubt) makes her likeable. For the girl who only wanted to bring her family back together in Revolution Season 1, she’s now the girl who can only flee from them.

Rachel is a shell of the woman she once was. She’s working hard to pull herself up from having a mental breakdown after trying to stop the nukes. Note the symmetry of going from a strong and capable woman to a woman who is just trying to survive and find some mental stability after having a hand in the nukes falling.

Her chemistry with Gene - watching her live a simpler life in the aftermath - is a welcome change for her character. After running for so long, and staying away from her family for so long, Rachel has found some tranquility returning to the basics and her family, yet she's still feeling the emotional fallout from ground zero.

There are some variables moving in to place with “The Patriots” and the war clan that attacked Willoughby. The Patriots want to restore The United States, but their “definitive proof” that the Monroe Republic and the Georgia Federation having WMDs sends up a giant red flag. Tom basically confirms as much. And he’s the inside man on both camps.

The power turning on and off temporarily is also doing some physically to the world (and its people potentially). The big lightning storm Monroe found himself in last season, and Aaron’s experiences with the fireflies here, is just the tip of the spear. Aaron ends up impersonating Captain Jack by coming back to life after dying in Rachel’s arms from his sword injury.

There’s no real way to scientifically analyze what is happening with the nanites, and if they are able to chew through electricity, it’s not difficult to make the leap that the nanites can affect much more – including humans.

Revolution Season 2 is off to an incredible start. It hasn’t been this much fun since the series premiered. Eric Kripke and company have really taken the criticism of the show to heart, and, without any protection behind The Voice, now is the time for Revolution to strike hard.

Born in the U.S.A. Review

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