Beauty and the Beast Review: Blinded by Love

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First, let's just say that not only do I like Vincent 2.0, I kind of respect him. He's trying to be on the up and up with Cat, but she won't stop pushing and pushing and pushing... to the point where she got herself "Kidnapped" by him.

On the other hand, Cat isn't listening. To anyone. Tess and Gabe have tried to reason with her. J.T. is popping antacids like candy, but she can't see the warning signs. Vincent sent up more than one red flag, but her stubborn refusal to listen to anything but her heart is borderline annoying.

Kat Is Desperate

It's easy to understand why Cat is pushing things with Vincent. As J.T. tried to explain to Vincent last week, she had a love with him that was kind of epic. It would be really difficult to let that go, especially just days after you found him after an exhaustive three-month search.

It certainly didn't help that Vincent kept tossing Cat bones by asking about their first date, telling her about the pull he felt and bedding her. Vincent 2.0 isn't shy or afraid of putting things out there like Vincent 1.0 (I guess Vincent 0 would have been the one we never met, pre-solder years).

Cat's continual prodding about memories and asking if every little thing triggered one would be enough for me to fly into a rage, let alone a genetically mutated super soldier. Take away everything else, and Vincent isn't a bad guy. He's funnier than he was in Beauty and the Beast Season 1 and more forthcoming. He wouldn't be afraid to take Cat on a real date because he literally has no fear. 

Instead of taking it slow and trying to get to know who he has become while they have been apart and gently massaging his memories out of hiding, she's bullying him. While she's browbeating him into remembering something he clearly doesn't at this point, she's ignoring the pleas of her friends to be careful. 

Cat couldn't be any luckier than she is to be surrounded with people like Tess, J.T. and Gabe. They truly care about her and Vincent. Gabe admitted he took the job so he could protect Vincent. He's been where Vincent is and knows what it means to be hunted. He also knows what it means to have a new chance at life and he's bending over backwards to prove his allegiance to the cause.

One of my favorite scenes of the night was between Tess and J.T., as they realized they were kind of jealous of each other's positions. J.T. has been spending a lot of time with Cat because she doesn't trust Gabe and Tess has been siding with Gabe in her attempt to protect Cat, but both have lost their best friend.

Through Cat's super-sleuthing, we did learn that there is at least one more beast out there, and not all of what Vincent is doing is evil. Her father may be using him to counter-act the terrorist acts of other beasts. We don't know. We may never know if she doesn't stop pushing him away. One thing is certain: Vincent didn't like the suggestion that somebody had ownership over him. Who could blame him?

At the end, when Vincent pushed he across the roof, it was his beast's instinctual reaction, much like it has been her instinctual reaction to trust him. Except he is not the same man who protected her for a decade. She is working with an unknown entity and has to make allowances for that. Now she has decided that he's too dangerous, but part of the reason is because - like an open wound - she wouldn't stop picking until he finally bled. 

What if Vincent's personal memories are lost forever? I doubt they are because television shows are rarely willing to take those kinds of risks. But wouldn't it be an interesting twist if he never remembered the people he used to know and had to re-establish those connections on a completely different level?

The nature versus nurture aspect of relationships could be explored and it would test whether Cat really means it when she says it would be fun to have all new first times. Frankly, I don't believe her when she says it. If he never got his memory back, I think she would cut and run. She's already wavering on her trust of him from one push, after she did nothing but push him all day.

The love is there, the chemistry is hot - it's undeniable. Expecting an instantaneous recall from a picnic on a roof (or a one night stand) is ridiculous and unfair.

What do you think? Is Cat pushing too far, too fast? Would Vincent have pushed back if he had been given some room to breathe, and not been told he was owned by someone?

Kidnapped Review

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Cat: Vincent would never hurt me.
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I am not looking to prosecute this crime. I told you, I took this job to protect Vincent. That also means protecting him from himself.


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