Boardwalk Empire Review: Abba-Zaba

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"Erikonig" was a fitting title for this week's episode of Boardwalk Empire, for several reasons.

Agent Knox touched on the Johann Wolfgang von Goethe poem while interrogating Eddie, which basically tells of a father whose son is killed while in his arms on a ride home, supposedly by some supernatural being. Parenting, loss of family and being haunted by demons were common themes in the action here.

Nucky in Philadelphia

In Philadelphia, Nucky used his influence to protect his nephew from the fallout of his prank turned deadly. When Clayton the roommate first walked into the dorm room, he actually assumed Nucky was Willie's father. Nucky, in a sense, put his paternal arm around Willie as he gave him some serious advice. 

The only thing you can count on is blood. The blood that's in your veins and the blood that's in mine. | permalink

Nucky's skin is thick as they come, but he realized this kind of cover up and the grief that goes with it, was new for Willie. Nucky the gave his nephew more words of wisdom in regard to what Willie may feel in the coming days. 

The rage you feel...listen to me carefully. It's a gift. Use it, but don't let anyone see it. | permalink

In Cicero, Frank Capone tried several times to tell his brother Al something similar. Al's temper has always been evident; if anything his new cocaine habit has simply exacerbated it. If Willie can listen to Nucky, he might just make it through his ordeal. If Al had listened to his brother, he may not have been mourning over his dead body after the fight at the factory turned bloody. Al's promise to punish everything that crawls is going to be interesting to watch unfold. No doubt his first move will be to lash out at that special squad from Chicago who opened fire on Frank.  

Gillian wanted to take Tommy back in her arms and sought to make an impression on the judge, but she can barely hold onto herself at the moment. Her problems exist in the real world, but under the influence of the heroin, her head is in the clouds. On two occasions this week, she offered up sex for favors, all the while holding up her new relationship with Roy as her saving grace.

Her drug-fueled Pretty Woman fantasy was put to the test when Roy found her on the floor after shooting up. If she is contemplating going cold turkey, she better hold on to that Abba-Zaba bar and stock up on some more candy for when that withdrawal kicks in. Based on how she has dealt with adversity in the past, however, I don't think it will be long before she is knocking on Dunn P.'s door again. 

Last week we learned of Eddie's family in Germany while he drank with Ralph Capone. This week, though, Agent Knox described the circumstances surrounding his coming to America and the shame he left behind for his family to deal with. Eddie no doubt carried that guilt with him, but in serving Nucky so loyally, maybe he felt like he was atoning for his past sins. When he finally broke and gave Agent Knox something on Nucky, the guilt he felt for betraying his employer - coupled with the reopened wound from his past - consumed him and he took his own life.

He did so, however, only after matching Nucky's socks in what could have been one last gesture of appreciation, or perhaps an apology of sorts. 

With Eddie lost, it will be interesting to see who Knox goes after next. We will have to wait until Sunday to see, but yet another week has come and gone with nothing more from Richard and no sign yet still of Margaret. When do you think we will see either of those two again? 

Erikonig Review

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Boardwalk Empire Season 4 Episode 5 Quotes

Stick with me eh? I'll put grass on your fuckin' lawn.

Frank Capone

The only thing you can count on is blood. The blood that's in your veins and the blood that's in mine.