Haven Review: The Crocker Card

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Time was running out for many Havenites as a Troubled person set consecutive 15-minute timers of death in "Countdown." The entire episode was like sands through the hourglass as when we faded to black, someone from Haven had taken their last breath.

The most interesting thing about the hour was the much anticipated reunion of Audrey and Nathan was overshadowed by everything else that was happening in Haven. Never underestimate the power of a Crocker.

Petrifying People

Duke had a quick conversation with Audrey about how she was able to be both Audrey and Lexie, and she basically brushed it off due to her ability to remember what happened in the Bar(n), something that her predecessor personalities weren't able to do. Because she was familiar with her other self, she could turn it on and off at will, fooling those around her. 

As it turned out, Audrey wasn't as good at it as she thought. After Wade planted some video pens in the police station for Jordan so they could get some good intel on what was happening, Lexie let her persona slip in front of Nathan. It was rather... anti-climactic. It's difficult to remember the closest they ever were to each other was just before and inside the Barn.

Later, Nathan couldn't even verbalize why he was happy to have "Parker" back when she asked. He did anger her with his accusations of lying just enough to get her to tell him she loved him. The first time she said the words and their entire scenario was eclipsed by Jordan McKee and Wade Crocker. Who saw that coming?

With the recent setbacks in Wade's life, his jealousy over Duke's relationship with their father and his wish to Duke to share his life with him, it was easy to understand why Wade was so drawn to Jordan and her promises of undisclosed secrets and intrigue. He especially didn't like the idea that his brother had the opportunity, by using privileged family information, to be the town hero and cure The Troubles.

Wade never thought about why Duke might be protecting him or what it might mean to get involved with these Troubles he knew so little about, only that Duke was keeping it from him and his jealous mind read into it that Duke thought he was better than Wade. 

For the shortest while, I had hope for Jordan. Wade was a Crocker, yes, and one who had yet to come out of the dark side and find his true path like Duke. But - he was the one person who thought enough of Jordan to attempt a sensual caress with the use of rubber gloves. Amazing that nobody ever thought to do that, isn't it? As bad as they were for each other, I thought maybe they could find some good within each other.

Something happened to Jordan when they were in the convenience store. She saw something in Audrey, in her willingness to step in front of a gun and her belief that Jordan wouldn't pull the trigger that changed her. She realized how wrong her plan was, and when Wade showed up, she tried to stop him. She wasn't familiar enough with the Crocker brain to understand its capabilities.

When the Troubled man was cured, Wade stabbed him to absorb his blood and he was hooked. Jordan was crushed. Jordan, who wanted to destroy Audrey and kill Nathan - she could no longer stand by and watch the violence. She had lost her own taste for blood, as witnessed in this Haven quote

Vince: Wade was activated.
Jordan: I tried to stop it, but you were right, Vince. I've been letting this town make me into a monster. | permalink

Jordan's fatal mistake was saying goodbye to Wade. He had tasted The Troubled blood, and hers was powerful. A simple slice turned into a gutting and Jordan was gone. The new wild card in town is Wade Crocker. Will he wear a mask as Audrey was wearing Lexie or will he just rampantly storm through town wounding (or worse) the Troubled and taking their Troubled blood?

Duke is going have to spring into action in an attempt to stop him, and Audrey is going to be at his side. Will this, once again, halt any chance at discovering a true relationship with Nathan? How will The Guard fit into all of this? Vince didn't want to kill Lexie; will he want Audrey to kill Nathan or will he be more concerned with Wade?

I had no idea where the season could go with the return of Audrey Parker, but focusing on the Crocker brothers is a perfect diversion. The excitement of what Eric Balfour will do with Duke in this story is enough to keep me happy. What did you think about tonight's event? Chat away!

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Duke: You land in that field, you realize that if anyone figures out that you're Audrey that they'll kill Nathan, so you pretend to be the person you were in the Barn - Lexie.
Audrey: I like it. It rhymes with sexy.