Modern Family Review: The One Where No One's Ready

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Seriously, this was the best episode of Modern Family in a long time - and that's saying something considering it's such an awesome show.

"The Late Show" really should've been the 100th Modern Family episode, rather than Cameron and his boar-toting sister Pameron fighting over some high school flame who definitely isn't as good looking as Cam remembered. They never are, am I right?

Matching Outfits

Now I realize that I obviously stole this title from an episode of Friends, and it happens to be a great episode. Modern Family isn't usually compared to Friends in terms of sitcom similarity, but let's face it: storylines are going to be reused time and time again and the episode where nobody is ready is a good one!

Except in this world, Jay is the Ross, and Jay is about 1,000 times cooler than Ross is. Don't get me wrong, I appreciate Ross Geller but Jay Pritchett would never have to lather himself back into a pair of leather pants.

Everyone has the friend or family member who is just NEVER ready on time. Actually, I don't...because I am that friend and family member. Just have to back up Gloria here for a second and note that it doesn't matter how much time we know we need. There is something wrong with our internal clocks and we will always underestimate the time needed to get ready, without fail. Granted, Gloria sort of does it on purpose for the entrance factor, but if I was as hot as Sofia Vergara maybe I would too. I loved Jay's reaction in this conversation:

Manny: She's getting her hair blown out.

Jay: That's a thing? That I pay for? | permalink

Yes. Yes it is.

Whatever. Haley thinks that it's amazing and that it looks like Gloria just got off of a horse. When it comes to style, Haley knows what's up. If we were talking about Alex, maybe no. Multi-colored yarmulke clips in a row styled by a six-year-old doesn't count. It doesn't matter if that six-year-old has two impeccably dressed fathers. Even if sometimes they accidentally match their outfits. Am I the only one who actually believed that Mitchell didn't shake the soda? I totally fell for it!

Other things i loved:

  • Luke protects himself like Macaulay Culkin in Home Alone. But there's no way Claire didn't have welts on her upper body from that paintball gun!
  • Haley singing Gladys Knight with Luke, Manny and baby Joe on backup.
  • Gloria bawling out the snotty hostess because everyone has had that urge.
  • Phil's comparison of the salesman to a "Mumford and Son."
  • iPhone's autocorrection of a certain F-word to "ducking."

Most of all, I loved that they all ended up having a great meal at the taco truck, dancing, singing, drinking and watching Phil split his suit. Those are the best nights. The ones where the "perfect" plan falls through and something entirely better unfolds. That's what I love about Modern Family.

The Late Show Review

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