Once Upon a Time in Wonderland Review: What's Your Wish?

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Once Upon a Time in Wonderland continued Alice's bewitching adventure this week, as we were taken through a land where a ferry ride is given by an actual fairy and islands turn out to be turtles in disguise.

But can anyone be trusted in a place where nothing is what it seems?

Falling in Love

As Alice said in "Trust Me," there's only one thing to be certain of…

The one thing you can count on in Wonderland is that you can't count on anyone. | permalink

Even the Knave of Hearts, her semi-trusty sidekick, was questionable when he appeared to lack the enthusiasm for the journey to find Alice's one true love, Cyrus.

One of the things I loved about the Knave's cynicism was that it connected Wonderland and the real world.  As in this Once Upon a Time in Wonderland quote...

Alice: It's a place called Mimsie Meadows under the towering Tom Tom tree. It's a place where nobody goes.
Knave: With a name like that why would they, unless they were a Care Bear? | permalink

When things got a little too fanciful in Wonderland it was good to ground the topsy-turvy world in a bit of humor. 

Alice and Cyrus' love story began to unfold as we saw them fall in love and found out why Alice has been carrying around those wishes. If she never uses them, then Cyrus can stay with her forever.  Unfortunately, Alice's fortitude didn't keep Jafar off their tails.

Turns out the evil villain from Agrobah has been tracking Cyrus for years. He needs the genie, his bottle and Alice to be able to break the rules of magic.

And for the uninitiated those are: 

  1. Magic can't kill.
  2. Magic can't bring back the dead.
  3. Magic can't change the past
  4. Magic can't force anyone to fall in love.

I'm guessing Jafar's looking for something from rules 1 through 3. He doesn't seem like the type looking for love...but then again he could surprise me.

The Red Queen grew on me this week. She's different. Once I stopped comparing her to Regina the Evil Queen in the original Once Upon a Time I started to appreciate her for her own unique qualities. Although she appears to lack some of Jafar's power, she knows how to get creative to gain control.

Plus I rather enjoyed her dark sense of humor…

The Red Queen: Promises were made to be broken as were the bones of little bunnies who forget what they have at stake. | permalink

Yes, the White Rabbit's definitely in a fix but I did love how The Red Queen always referred to him as Bunny

Where Alice's story was obvious, she's searching for her one true love, the others were more of a mystery. And perhaps that's the fun of joining this journey down the rabbit hole. Each week more of the delightful, fanciful answers will be revealed. 

Are you ready to take a mesmerizing ride through Once Upon A Time in Wonderland?


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