Once Upon a Time Round Table: "Quite a Common Fairy"

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Once Upon a Time met "Quite a Common Fairy" this week - but she didn't remain a fairy for long.

Below, our Round Table team of TV Fanatics Jim Garner, Carla Day, Nick McHatton and Christine Orlando are joined by Gareth from Once Upon a Fan to decide if the Blue Fairy was justified or just mean and if even the Evil Queen deserves to be redeemed.


What was your favorite scene from this Once Upon a Time Season 3 episode?

Jim: I like Mulan trying to talk to Aurora. I've always thought she was in love with Phillip, come to find out she's fallen for Aurora.

Gareth: Really enjoyed the scene with Mulan and Aurora. I hope we get to see more of their relationship over the rest of the season. Be interesting to see how this unfolds now that Aurora is pregnant. Things just got very complicated. The scene with Tinkerbell and Regina in Tink's hideout was also great. Lana is always awesome to watch.

Carla: It's not so much that I liked the scene as much as I was intrigued by the revelation. The idea that Henry is the progeny of the two extreme lineages-- the Charmings and the Dark One. And that's what makes him special. I never thought about it quite in that way before. It's clever.

Nick: I'm excited to see if Tinker Bell's prophecy about Robin Hood being Regina's soulmate will turn out. It's a pairing I never would've guessed until this episode, but I can definitely see it.

Christine: Pretty much every scene between Regina and Tinker Bell. No matter how dark the Evil Queen gets, Lana Parrilla always manages to exude enough vulnerability that I'm still rooting for Regina to find her own happy ending.

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Do you hope Regina and Robin Hood find one another?

Jim: it would be awesome for them to find each other and love (again) break the spell of darkness. So, yes I hope they do.

Gareth: Still not sure how I feel about HoodedQueen, as the fans are calling it. Think I need a few more episodes to warm up to Robin Hood. It will certainly be interesting to see them meet and see if the on-screen chemistry is there.

Carla:  I would love to see Regina find some happiness in her life. She should use magic to send a message to "Missed Connections" or something. As much as their meeting would probably be epic in nature, I doubt it will happen. Or, if it does not anytime soon.

Nick: Like my previous answer, I'm really excited to see if all of this plays out. They are basically the antithesis of each other, and I wonder if that will work in their favor or not.

Christine:  I'm curious to see what their chemistry will be like…because right now I'm not feeling the connection.

Was the Blue Fairy right to take Tinker Bell's wings?

Jim: That Blue Faerie is a real bitch! First Grumpy loses the love of his life because of her, now she's mad at Tinkerbell?  WTF?

Gareth: Something was really off with the Blue Fairy in this episode. Talk about an uber bitch! She was really stern and showed a very different side to her character. I still think her motivations are not altogether as pure as we think. I'm sure she has some kind of long term agenda.

Carla: Tinker Bell did break a sacred rule of the fairies. Do they have some kind of justice system? A fairy counsel that should have reviewed the situation? Or, was it the right of the Blue Fairy to dispense justice? I'm not sure. It was a pretty harsh punishment though, especially since Tinker Bell did it to help another. It's not like she used it for selfish purposes.

Nick: I suppose being a fairy begins and ends with her, and she had to make the hard decision to cut off Tinkerbell's wings. Tinkerbell, while noble in her intentions, did not have the same level of experience with Regina that Blue does, and, ultimately, probably should've deferred to her judgment.

Christine: I'm with Jim and Gareth on this one. What a bitch! Even the way she took Tink's wings and just watched her hit the ground. It just felt mean.

Does Regina deserve a second chance? Should she be redeemed?

Jim: Yes, and yes, we ALL do.

Gareth: Regina has been manipulated by outside forces all her life. Rumple had his own part to play in shaping her and making her into a monster, as did her mother. I think Regina deserves a chance at happiness. Nobody is too far beyond redemption. Perhaps somebody as selfless as Robin Hood will be the one to turn her around.

Carla: Regina's had her second, third, fourth .... chances. She began a positive turn when she was willing to sacrifice herself in order to save Storybrooke and though she's had some bumps along the way to and in Neverland, she's better than she was. It's definitely not too late for her to be redeemed, but at this point she needs to generate the opportunities to prove herself worthy.

Nick: Things will never be as easy as getting a second chance with Regina. Carla is right, she's had multiple chances. It's more of a process than a one good deed turns her heart pure again type of situation. Regina is constantly fighting against her nature, and she's constantly attempting to overcome the only way of surviving she's ever known. I do believe Regina is redeemable, and ultimately more good than evil, but it's going to be a very long, drawn out process - habit dies hard.

Christine: I agree with all of the above. She deserves some happiness but getting there will be a long process with several missteps as we've already seen. But I love the fun of The Evil Queen and I hope we never lose her completely.

Neal's now in Neverland? Should Emma choose him, Hook, or take a pass on both of them?

Jim: If this was Showtime, she might pick both. But, thankfully it's not. I hope she gets back with Neal.

Gareth: They're both pretty useless when you really stop and think about it. It would be nice for Emma to do a 'Buffy' and walk away as a confident single woman who doesn't need a man to define her. Ultimately, like I have said before, Neal is most likely end game for Emma.

Carla: Emma and Neal seem to be destined to be together since Henry was deemed to be the "True Believer" hundreds of  years ago. They've been through some difficult times, but they love each other. Emma deserves to find some happiness and have a real family experience. She can have that with Neal, Henry, and her parents. It's worth fighting for.

Nick: I'm still bitter over Sheriff Graham (yes, I'll probably bring this up until the show is canceled. Strap yourselves in Round Table cohorts!), so, for now, I'll say Emma should go with Hook. Neal has some making up to do with Emma still.

Christine: I agree that Neal is probably end game…but he's a little boring. Can she at least have a fun tryst with Hook. And I agree with you Nick. I still miss Graham too.

Neal described Peter Pan as the "nastiest person" he's ever met. So far, how do you rank Pan as a villain?

Jim: Pans not very scary, actually, he's right on the mark as a spoiled brat. So, really not that formidable so far. A bit of "yawns-ville" really.

Gareth: Loving Peter Pan! He has a real Omen vibe going on. Very creepy. Robbie Kay is just phenomenal in the role.

Carla: He definitely has the ability to manipulate people to serve is own purpose. I don't think we've seen the evil within Pan yet. When we finally do, he will prove how nasty he really is. His ability to know how to make the Dark One cry ... that's enough to scare me.

Nick: He's giving all of usual "villains" a run for their money, so he's definitely near the top.

Christine: He's got this "Lord of the Flies" vibe going that scares me because it means there are no rules and anything is possible…and not in a good way.

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Emma is trapped in Neverland with Peter Pan who is hands down the nastiest person I've ever met.


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