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Every week Parenthood tries to jam pack as much as it possibly can into one hour of television - and "Nipple Confusion" was no exception. If I attempted to cover every brilliant moment of the hour, I think I'd reach the end of the Internet.

Let's find out what warranted the biggest discussions of the night.

Under Pressure

Sarah's flighty career path.

Despite his less than silken tongue, Hank really did describe the situation with Sarah and her career quite well. The people who know her best don't take her seriously because they have seen her go through so many different phases and they've been fleeting. Kristina needed a professional campaign photograph taken, Adam secured Sarah on the cheap and Kristina was concerned. It made sense.

The compelling plea by Sarah to Kristina to secure the job was one of my favorite scenes of the night. Not every mayoral candidate was lucky enough to have someone who loved them and wanted to see them succeed with as much heart and soul as Sarah did Kristina. It didn't hurt that Sarah needed the lift as much as Kristina needed the photo, either.

It was also refreshing that Hank didn't either fawn all over the photos Sarah took or tell her that there wasn't one in the bunch that was good enough. After being jostled in the kitchen surrounded by noise and children, I'm surprised she got a good photo at all. I'd like to see Sarah find her niche and some success. Perhaps this is it.

Joel and Julia disagree on Victor's education.

I'm really torn on this one. Victor cannot read. Is his self-confidence going to be better served with another year to learn how to read well or by pushing him into a grade when he clearly cannot compete with his fellow students? Are we supposed to believe that Julia was lying about reading with Victor? 

It also seemed unreasonable of Joel to lash out at Julia because she expected Victor to be caring about his inability to learn and that she got a little upset that he didn't see the importance of it. If Victor doesn't understand why he needs to read and dedicate himself to learning, something he hasn't been able to do in the last year, then why would a month of tutoring make a difference?

It just seemed indicative of underlying marriage problems more than issues about Victor's ability to read. Joel's dig about Ed and his gossipy wife was uncalled for, as well. Joel was friends with a lot of other parents, and Julia made one friend and he was upset. Joel seems to have forgotten what it was like to be the one at home already.

Camille and Zeek have reached an impasse.

Should we be worried about the future of the Braverman matriarch and patriarch? Camille isn't letting up on selling the house, and Zeek clearly has no desire to let it go. He has been around the world. He fought in other countries. Camille has spent her life raising a family and she wants to take flight.

They're going to have to compromise to stay together, and I'm still saying the children have to keep the homestead because it can't go anywhere. But... could either of them be stubborn enough to let their marriage fall apart because their vision of the future is so different?

And yet there was more:

  • Despite the the title of the episode, only the last few minutes of Crosby finally bonding with Aida were noteworthy. Once he was able to have a moment with his girl that was just between them, he felt the love he had been waiting to feel.
  • Drew's college experience is definitely interesting in that oh-so-coed dormitory, but the best moment was when Amber and Drew got parental and went down and pulled the Sergeant York on his roommate's ass. Instant classic!
  • When Kristina was talking about taking on too much so soon after cancer, I totally missed she was playing Adam for money. Oooh.. she's good!

Nipple Confusion Review

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