Parks and Recreation Review: You Might Be an Eagletonian

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A nearly pitch perfect episode of Parks and Recreation!

Shock of all shocks, Ron Swanson's story was my least favorite of the night. Even though it did produce a great comic moment: "Erase all pictures of Ron," which I'd like to save vine for a rainy day, I mostly felt the whole chasing down privacy stuff was a bit over the top, even for someone as black and white as Ron Swanson.

But overall, "The Pawnee Eagleton Tip Off Classic" was a stellar Parks and Recreation episode, showing us that Leslie's principles thankfully overshadow her competitive nature with her town rival, Eagleton.

Chris & Ben

Because in the end, really, Leslie Knope is a rational, justice-seeking woman with the biggest heart in Indiana. And probably the world. She wouldn't and couldn't stand idly by and watch her neighboring town drown. Even if the Eagletonians would do it to Pawnee.

The best part of tonight's episode for me? Besides April introducing herself to her veterinary school orientation guide as "April Ludgate Kvorkian," was Kristen Bell's guest starring role as Ingrid DeForest. I love the inverse of Leslie as a semi-snobby beauty pageant queen who gives and gives and gives her town everything they don't need at all. Although I'd love for Los Angeles to donate HBO to the city dwellers, our budget is in the red enough as it is.

As for April and Ann? I'm going to need a copy of that mixed CD. I am hoping it's as rad as Ben's super fun mix when he and April did a road trip. I am a bit confused at April opting out of veterinary school based on a gut feeling - it seemed like something she desperately wanted. Maybe she'll apply at a different school?

Regardless, I love when Ann and April get together. April makes Ann much easier to enjoy and their balance of sweet and sour really works well together.

I'd also love it if Ron's vine was real and we could all get a copy of Ann's Mariah Carey-rich CD. Til next week, Pawnee-folk, check out our updated section of Parks and Recreation quotes.

The Pawnee Eagleton Tip Off Classic Review

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