Person of Interest Review: The Ugly Digital Truth

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Situations like the NSA monitoring people's activity on the Internet, companies tracking the items you purchase or browse and feeding social media sites with personal information make the world of Person of Interest look more and more realistic as time goes on.

A site like Wayne Kruger's LifeTrace sounds positive on the surface in its ability to help better know you through those searches or pieces of data, while even helping reconnecting old friends or relatives. Facebook itself seems prime for similarity in the way we connect with others through our likes, our friends, our check-ins at specific locations. It can be a great tool.

And yet, like most things, there can be a dark flip side. Utilizing technology and search features to stalk someone or dig up negative pasts can ruin lives.

Which was exactly the issue explored in "Nothing to Hide," ultimately revealing that everyone has something to hide and true, complete privacy just isn't what it used to be.

Meet the Rookie

Kruger was seemingly trying to do something good and beneficial, but he was so caught up in the business side of it that the personal side was completely forgotten. Until it all came crashing down on him.

It was great to see a person of interest transform from a victim to a perpetrator, especially with Finch, Reese and the rest of the gang trying to keep things from violently escalating. Except Shaw, she really likes to shoot things.

All the motives of the people going after Kruger made sense, especially in their vengeful ways for the lives that had been destroyed. Yet the episode went one step further in revealing another organization pulling the strings, eager to teach a lesson. That type of mystery of who was really was behind it all, combined with Kruger choosing to take control of the situation, made the hour compelling.

Plus, it's always fun watching the core characters at work: Reese and Shaw with their dry humor, Finch not wanting someone looking over his shoulder while he works, Carter getting to work with a new rookie partner and Bear waiting for his kibble.

And I do hope that this new partner allows the show to build on Carter's character, revealing some more about her as the season rolls out.

But it was the moment that the new shadowy organization member revealed himself and killed Kruger rather than let him go that had me glued into what had just happened. The show can easily play it safe, it can even stick to just kneecapping characters, but having someone in one swift move offer the markings of a grand plan just beginning while murdering someone stepped it up a notch.

At the same time, it revealed that Reese and Finch weren't able to save their person of interest like they normally do.

This group isn't fooling around, and not having any idea who the people are working for this particular ideology is going to be another major problem for Reese and Finch. They are going to have step their game up, but I've got no doubt they'll be able to accept the challenge.

I'm still reserving judgment if this new group will prove truly interesting, especially because there are a variety of other organizations Reese and Finch must combat. But I'm curious as to what this new one's agenda really is. Guess we'll see when they pop up again amidst all the other series' baddies.

Out of control car stunts, some mysterious twists and turns and the classic self enclosed episode material combined with that larger picture mythology has Person of Interest continuing its slow build of its new chapter. It just makes me wonder when the private lives of the main characters will be further exposed for viewers. On a show all about technology immersed in the day to day, the truth is bound to come out. After all, what do they have to hide?

Nothing to Hide Review

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