Revenge Round Table: "Mercy"

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Things are heating up in the Hamptons on Revenge! Who tampered with Conrad's car? Should Emily team up with Jack to complete her takedown? Has Nolan finally found true love?

TV Fanatic staff members Kate Brooks, Christine Orlando and Miranda Wicker answer those questions and more on the Round Table for "Mercy." Read their responses and then weigh in with your own!


What was your favorite scene or quote from this Revenge Season 3 episode?

Kate: Conrad's dramatic telling of how he was misdiagnosed and how Victoria was laughing. That family is so dysfunctional.

Christine: Victoria taking down Sheila after she tried to steal her commission by making her change a lightbulb. I'm throwing you this Welcome event, now change a lightbulb? Seriously? I'm not always a fan of Victoria's manipulations but I kind of enjoyed that one. 

Miranda: I loved Emily and Daniel's fight. He's become a bit of a jerk recently and deserved to be called out for it. Even though there's going to be a wedding, I love that there's trouble in fake paradise. It offers up another answer to the question of who shoots Emily.

Revenge RT - depreciated -

Who really cut the brakes on Conrad's car?

Kate: Patrick. Though, I'd really like to see Charlotte come out guilty. 

Christine: Maybe Aiden in the hopes of ending this and moving on with Emily. I don't think he cares about the revenge game. He just wants her and he's obviously willing to do anything to get her. 

Miranda: My money's on Patrick. He wants to get Victoria out of the Hamptons. Though I wouldn't be surprised to learn that Conrad did it himself as some elaborate scheme to...I don't evil things.

What do you think of Victoria's end game with the art gallery?

Kate: I have no idea. Not even the slightest. I'm really confused as to what the point even is!

Christine: Talk about moving up the ladder, fast! I don't know if Victoria just wants a source of income separate from Conrad or she has another plan in mind but never underestimate Ms. Grayson.  

Miranda: Victoria always has a plan! It reminded me of Revenge season 1 when she publicly humiliated her own best friend for sleeping with Conrad and forced her to leave the Hamptons. What Victoria wants, Victoria gets. 

Should Emily involve Jack in her takedown plans?

Kate: No because Jack is acting like a child. It's either his way or he's outing her and it's total BS. When Jack decides that he wants to get serious about it, then yes. Absolutely.

Christine: No. None of the men in Emily's life can be trusted. Daniel's become selfish and power hungry. Aiden's jealous and has gone rogue and Jack's full of self righteous indignation. The only man Emily can count on to have her back is Nolan. I was hoping that perhaps she and Jack could team up after he learned the truth but it doesn't look like that's going to happen. 

Miranda: I vote yes. Jack has lost as much at the Grayson's hands as she has. He might be the only person besides Nolan who wants to see them taken down as much as she does.

Nolan and Patrick: Discuss.

Kate: Damn! They're totally playing each other! How wonderful. Who shall win? Obviously Nolan because he's much more fabulous. 

Christine: I can't wait to see Victoria's face when she finds out. I love Nolan's plan but I really do hope that one day he'll find real love because as Kate said, he's fabulous.

Miranda: I just want to know what the end game is here. Is Patrick after Nolan? Will Nolan get his heart broken again?? Does it mean I get to see more shirtless Justin Hartley?

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