Revolution Review: Rangers Assemble

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"One Riot, One Ranger" brought the gang back together.

Sadly, it was still a mostly boring episode.

Nano Technology

Aaron’s story, while interesting on paper, is coming across as one big mess. I have next to zero interest in watching how his nanotech powers develop (if he has any) and the ramification of them. It’s just not fitting with the core themes of the show and I’m really not seeing what the point of them is. In a world devoid of power, Revolution Season 2 is focusing on a story of collecting power in a potentially singular person.

Supposedly things are moving away from turning the power back on, but this story is just a different variant on the theme. I’m trying to give Revolution some more time to play out this arc, but things need to start picking up. There is definite story to mine from Aaron, but his character is saddled with the nanotech.

Monroe is right about one thing: he is a lot of fun with Miles. The two make great enemies, but there is something enjoyable and organic about mostly severed friendship. Revolution Season 1 kept going back the theme of brothers and that theme was on display this installment. More so than the show has ever done prior.

Their friendship is still fragile and Monroe was trying too hard at some points. Particularly when he told Miles the Patriots nuked their city. The sentiment behind Monroe’s proclamation is understood, but it’s also hypocritical. Monroe drove Miles out of the republic; Miles was an enemy of the state from a man that was supposedly his brother. Miles lost any part of the Republic he worked so hard to build up long ago.

But at least Monroe was able to start a war.

Sadly for Rachel, her reunification with Charlie was fraught with accusations and general mistrust - and Rachel is almost completely to blame for it. Charlie was generally happy to be back at Willoughby. She was content to both Miles and Aaron (especially Miles). Rachel, who I thought might have given up on her quest to kill Monroe, is ready and willing to pull the trigger on him. Which makes sense; why should Rachel be willing to forgive Monroe? He’s still ultimately responsible for Danny’s death and he had a big part in keeping Rachel away from her children.

Rachel’s anger ended up being directed at Charlie. In the end, her own maternal instincts were what end up deepening the rift that’s still between the two of them.

Speaking of parents, Tom didn’t really care when Jason is, not until he found out from Secretary Allenford that Jason is being held in a brain washing camp. Tom’s been looking for a way into the Patriot command the entire team – even getting Jason shipped off somewhere to do so. Ironically, had Tom followed Jason he’d probably be closer to the inside and his son wouldn’t (potentially) be a brain washing camp.

What are you thoughts on this week’s episode?

One Riot, One Ranger Review

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