Supernatural Review: Welcome to Oz

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Sam and Dean took a break from the fallen angel chaos to invite the always charming Charlie back to the Men of Letters Bunker for some computer fixing, Game of Thrones marathon watching and a fight against the famous Wicked Witch this week.

Was Supernatural testing the waters for a spin-off?

Certainly, the series has never stayed within the lines of what the show “should be” or “should do,” while delivering episodes that sound ridiculous and yet, somehow, manage to work. Just look at those like “The French Mistake,” “Changing Channels” or even “Monster Movie.”

And it is bold and daring to even attempt to try, but I’m glad that the series takes the risks of something new, even if it doesn’t always pay off, like the handheld camera episode, “Bitten.”

But did it work with Supernatural Season 9 Episode 4?

Charlie and Sam Winchester

I’m sure some fans were over the rainbow for this type of hour. Dorothy a hunter? Oz is real? Poppy seed bullets?

Providing a unique spin to the classic tale was cool, but unfortunately, the hour felt overly cheesy, the Wicked Witch wasn’t scary (what was that around her mouth?) and the “Aww shucks” feeling of the black and white past that mixed with the present took me out of what was going on.

I’m sure the cast and crew had a blast making this episode and the actors were perfectly fine in their roles. I just really didn’t care about the story the characters were involved in and the over the top tone that went along with it.

I mean, is Charlie even going to come back? Will Season 10 be when the gates to Oz are opened and Sam and Dean battle flying monkeys? Or was all of that lore simply for the sake of the one-off episode?

I like Charlie’s personality and her rapport with the brothers. She’s definitely a positive addition to the show (although, now that she’s in Oz, what does that mean?). It’s even fun to see her geek out over things like Lord of the Rings.

It was also good to see her interact with Dorothy and geek out over all of the real versions of the Oz story, even if I wasn’t as enamored with what was happening.

As for Dean lying to Sam about Ezekiel, that is going to backfire soon enough. It has to, but I wonder how dramatic the consequences will be. Might Sam leave? (And his thoughts on having a home make me feel like something is going to happen to the Men of Letters lair.)

Frankly, I’m getting a little tired of Ezekiel coming in to save someone from death. I know it drains him, but how many times is he going to do it? Maybe, I feel that way because it just happened last episode.

At least the hour acknowledged Castiel getting the boot at the end of “I’m No Angel,” and the brothers starting attempts to help their humanized angel friend and track other angels from afar. Still, a bit bummed he had to leave in the first place.

Crowley was a delight as always. He got to deliver some great lines. Mark Sheppard really knows how to make that character shine with such a sarcastic and devilish charm. It makes me wonder what’s going to happen when he finally breaks free from those chains.

Of course, the episode did end on a high note with Sam and Dean’s reactions to Oz before the doors closed, all set to AC/DC. It’s always a positive when the show uses classic rock.

I’m not necessary clicking any ruby red heels to see another Oz episode any time soon, and while I love the humor on this show, some of it felt too campy even for Supernatural standards. "Slumber Party" just wasn’t the type of hour that kept me on the edge of my seat or enthralled the whole way through. But no matter what type of episode graces our screens, it's obvious that there really is no place like the Supernatural home.

Did you enjoy the episode? Want an Oz-type spin-off? Sound off below!

Slumber Party Review

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