The Tomorrow People Review: Choosing Door Number 2

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I don't know if I missed it or if it was really hidden, but I did not see the whole last five minutes of the pilot of The Tomorrow People coming. I felt pretty confident that I knew where the episode was going from the beginning, but it turned out that I was wrong. The funny thing is, that was one of the things I liked about the episode the most.

First off, we met Stephen, a guy who thought he was insane because he heard voices and couldn't remember how he did awkward things like end up in other people's beds.

Luca: You slept with Mrs. D'Amico?
Stephen: It was an accident. | permalink

Conventional medicine told him that meant he had a sickness and so he got drugged up, but it didn't help. I thought it was great that he was able to throw away all that stuff once he realized that there was nothing actually wrong with him.

Robbie Amell on The Tomorrow People

Once Stephen met The Tomorrow People, things got very interesting. Pretty people with cool abilities is something that will always be fun to watch and this show was no exception. The rag-tag group living under the subway included a fun mix of characters. There was Cara, the intense one who seemed to understand the importance of Stephen more than anyone else. Then there was John, the cocky yet loyal guy who needed more convincing of the new guy's importance. Finally, there was Russell, the comic relief. I found all of them fun to watch, which is not always the case for me with an ensemble.

Russell: You heard of the five-finger discount? We get the no-finger discount. | permalink

When they started telling Stephen about Ultra, that's when I felt a little bit of excitement. No matter how pretty the people are and how cool their abilities are, there's nothing like giving them an enemy to take things up a notch. And boy, what an enemy it was. Mark Pellegrino (who will always be Lucifer from Supernatural for me) was perfect as Jedikiah. He oozed evil, but still had me believing that he was really doing everything for the good of the world. Nothing is better than a bad guy who can make you believe his cause and that's exactly what he did.

In fact, Jedikiah did his job so well that Stephen chose to join him in Ultra. Sure, that was mostly because Stephen wanted to find his father and knew that joining his uncle's organization would help with that. And that was the part that I did not see coming: Jedikiah being Stephen's uncle and Stephen joining Ultra.

John: One day you might be the one who saves all of us. | permalink

Overall, I found the first episode of this new series extremely entertaining and it managed to give me a few surprises. Plus, there was the eye candy, of course. That's a formula for a winning series if I ever saw one, at least for me.

My favorite bits:

  • The look on the guard's face when John disappeared off the roof. Classic.
  • The subway fight. Need I say more?
  • Stephen waking up in a bed with two strangers. Oops. 
  • Discovering that Tomorrow People cannot kill. Very intriguing idea. 
  • Noting that John said he would never let himself get caught by Jedikiah "again." Now I really want to know what happened before. 
  • John showing up at Ultra. I was so glad he didn't abandon his friends. 
  • Stephen getting his powers to work while in Ultra, and finding a new power. Whoa!
  • The dumbfounded look on Jedikiah's face when he realized what Stephen had done. 
  • Stephen throwing out his pills.

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The Tomorrow People Season 1 Episode 1 Quotes

Dylan: Good luck with the crazy!
Stephen: Good luck with the diarrhea.

Luca: You slept with Mrs. D'Amico?
Stephen: It was an accident.