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Arrow took a trip to Russia this week.

But it was definitely for business, not pleasure.

We learned a lot more about Diggle during this visit to Europe, seeing his strength of character in the face of Lyla (his ex-wife!) being kidnapped after she tried to track down Deadshot.

We also got into bed with Isabel Rochev. How are you feeling about this businesswoman these days? Aside from jealousy over her romp here with Oliver, that is?

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Arrow Season 2 Episode 6 Quotes

Felicity: Just thinking out loud, but are we sure this is the best plan we can come up with? I know Lyla's your friend, but...
Diggle: Felicity, Lyla isn't my friend. She was my wife.

Lance: Thanks. It's been a while since I arrested you. I had forgotten how good it feels.
Roy: I was working for... him.