Criminal Minds: Watch Season 9 Episode 9 Online

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Criminal Minds focused its investigation this week on a sad and emotional story that dated back to race relations in 1960s Virginia.

It also featured a phony confession… a false allegation… a busted water main… and a quartet of skeletons, all found in the backyard of a family's home.

Yes, a lot went down on the CBS procedural, but what made Criminal Minds Season 9 Episode 9 stand out from other installments was the real-life dynamics on which it was based.

The storyline at hand centered on a believable criminal with a powerfully believable motive, one tragically tied to the dangers of interracial dating.

Watch the episode in its entirety now:

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Criminal Minds Season 9 Episode 9 Quotes

Rossi: Look.
Morgan: You don't have to explain, man.
Rossi: No, you don't understand.
Morgan: A locker? Really? You took a leak on the guy?
Rossi: I was working him, Derek.

Rossi: You killed all of those people for revenge.
Charles: No, I killed out of hate. Hate grew in me that night. And hate vowed to pay them all back.