Masters of Sex Review: Too Close

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Allison Janney has been so fantastic on the last few episodes of Masters of Sex that it's hard not to miss her presence.

However, Masters of Sex Season 1 Episode 9 gave us a visit from Bill's mother and her role this week shed light on several storylines.

Whether it was Bill's father issues, or Bill's relationships with Virginia and Libby, Essie had a lot to say.

Hiding Her Pregnancy

Essie has always treated Libby like a daughter and I'm glad Libby felt she could confide in her. Despite their connection, Libby always puts Bill first and she knows that not all is okay between Bill and Essie due to his abusive memories of his father. She urged Essie to make things right between them.

While Essie can try all she wants, it remains up to Bill whether or not he wants to forge a relationship with his mother. It doesn't seem so considering how he tried using the truth to shock her.

I’m not studying pregnant women; I’m studying sex. I watch people fornicate, and masturbate, then I take down their sexual histories, I record the physiological changes in their bodies and their patterns, idiosyncrasies. And I compile the data. Still interested, ma?


Little did he know that that wouldn't be a barrier for Essie. As she noted, sex has been around for a very long time and is a natural part of life. Why she had to throw in that Bill's father was sexual was beyond me. If that's the sore point she and Bill need to move past to have a relationship, why would she bring it up?

She later tells Bill, after observing him and his colleagues, that the worst thing she ever did was keep her mouth shut. Essie also tells him that his father had a mistress. The combination of those two facts leads her to believe she should never keep her mouth shut again and she goes on to point out that she can tell there's something more between Bill and Virginia.

So, who do you think can tell about Bill and Virginia at this point? Ethan certainly does. Essie does. Then Jane spends a ton of time with them but doesn't seem to notice at all. Maybe it's because she's been more focused on her film debut, which is now in the trash. Since Jane isn't comfortable being a filmed participant anymore, Virginia eagerly volunteers.

As Virginia noted in her performance review, she lets herself get too personally involved in her work. She may have always noted that she was interested in the study, but it's become clear to viewers that she's also formed an attachment to Bill. It's why she only wanted him to film her.

Nothing makes Virginia uncomfortable, so I doubt Lester would. There was an intimacy and erotic-ness to Bill being the one behind the camera.

The fact remains that Bill is very much married and just found out his wife is pregnant. Also, Bill must be getting sloppy with his feelings if Essie noticed. Obviously none of this is an ideal position to be in and it's why him and Virginia getting involved in the study was always so darn risky. Now that Virginia is hurt that he tried to pay her off and Ethan broke off his engagement, will the two turn back to each other for comfort?

Bill knows he's hurting the women in his life whether voluntarily on involuntarily. What do you think he's going to do?

Involuntary Review

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Masters of Sex Season 1 Episode 9 Quotes

It’s not like my Gammy and Gampy can look at my tunnel and say “look it’s my little Janey!”


Jesus, they should really teach this in candy striping…or at least in sororities.

Ethan [about circumcision]