Once Upon a Time in Wonderland Review: Abandoning Hope

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All roads led somewhere on Once Upon a Time in Wonderland Season 1 Episode 6 - but some ended up in unexpected destinations, even for Wonderland.

A Hug in Wonderland

Alice came full circle in this hour as we went back in time to see where she ended up after diving after Cyrus. Unfortunately, she ended up back in London only to find nothing was the same as when she left. It was far worse.

Daddy had remarried. He had a new family and it didn't allow room for a spinster daughter who made up stories about genies and true love in another land. There was nothing sadder than Alice begging her father to believe in her but knowing he was never going to make that leap. That his love for her wasn't strong enough to accept her story.

Her new step-mom couldn't get rid of her fast enough and she didn't much care how. If Alice wouldn't marry an eligible bachelor, she'd be shipped off to the asylum. It says a lot about Alice's love for Cyrus that she chose the asylum over the alternative.

Back in Wonderland, Alice was so determined to find her true love that the Black Forest that threatened endless night didn't deter her at all. She even scoffed at all of the warning signs leading up to the entrance.

But where she ended up wasn't enshrouded in darkness. It was blissful with light…or should I say blissed out. That purple dust must have been the good stuff because it didn't take long for Alice to drop her sword, ditch her necklace and forget Cyrus' name.

Thankfully the Knave arrived and I couldn't figure out why none of it affected him, until he explained that he didn't have a heart. He'd chosen not to put it back to avoid the constant pain of losing his love, Anastasia. So the dust was useless on him. It couldn't access his heart's desire when he no longer had one.

That the strange forest turned its inhabitants into trees was a seriously creepy but awesome twist

Cyrus was facing his own issues. The Red Queen's guards were easy enough to ditch but the lady herself was another matter, as she explained in this Once Upon a Time in Wonderland quote

Everyone keeps underestimating me. I was not always Queen. I know how to get my hands dirty.

The Red Queen

And that's one of the things I've grown to like about her. There are so many facets to her personality that I'm never quite sure what she'll do next.

Not to mention that I loved that red outfit she wore as she chased Cyrus through the woods.

But with Jafar tracking down Alice's father in London, Cyrus diving off a cliff, and Alice and the Knave heading west it's anyone's guess who will land or leave Wonderland next.

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Once Upon a Time in Wonderland Season 1 Episode 6 Quotes

Sometimes the maddest stories are the truest ones.


Doctor: We have so many patients.
Jafar: Of course you do, but how many of them escape in the company of a talking rabbit?