Revolution Review: Escape from Willoughby

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At times, Revolution Season 2 is a welcome change from what has come before. The installment depict deeper characters and interactions, while fixing criticisms levied at it.

Yet there are situations when things haven’t changed at all - and  Revolution Season 2 Episode 7 marked one of those times.

Unsettling Secrets

Aaron, again, did absolutely nothing for me, as the show keeps trying to figure out a way to bring him in to the core group of people while instead just taking up time that could be better used on characters that are, you know, of interest. Aaron’s story is not working. It's as simple as that.

Honestly, I wish Aaron wasn’t so lucky in cheating death so many times if this is all he can be used for.

The nanotech powers just don’t fit in with the rest of the series and The Patriots wanting a piece of the power just recalls themes that did not work last season. It’s merely a twist on the same theme being chased a year ago: turning the power back on.

The Patriots may not want the power to back on, but they want Aaron’s power to complete their reunification of the United States.

Revolution has done a stellar job of bringing Monroe back into the fold. Why is it so hard to bring an outlier like Aaron in too?

Speaking of Monroe, his death was short lived, and then he was shoved into the background for most of the episode. Quite unfortunate since he’s the one with the most appeal at this juncture.

The one good moment to come out of this installment was Gene. His working with the Patriots sets up a very conflicted man and it’s a big difference from the persona he portrays for the world. Gene pretends to have everything together in this new world, but his actions, or lack thereof, has taken a heavy toll on him.

He’s blocked out a lot of the terror the Patriots do by masking it with the greater good. Help them water board a man and he can have enough medicine and vaccinations for plenty of people; one man in exchange for many. When he’s faced with turning his one in for the Patriots’ many, things aren’t so forcibly black and white for him anymore.

Gene isn’t willing to give up Rachel to the Doctor and his cohorts.

Two More Thoughts:

  • Can we get past Miles being the ideas man with a funny response and Charlie being the lookout? I’d like to see them do more again.
  • Tom and Jason’s scene after Jason kills the Patriot men was surprisingly poignant. Blood splattered across his face and the knife in his hands, Jason had finally broke through his father’s shell. 

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