Supernatural Review: Let's Talk About Sex

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Virgins, porn stars and goddesses? Looks like it was all about Supernatural sex.

Rather than fire breathing dragons (nice try, “previously on” segment), the Winchesters dealt with a Roman goddess of the hearth on Supernatural Season 9 Episode 8. Sam got into some action, and Dean got some action.


This was a fun hour, especially after the disappointing animal talking Supernatural Season 9 Episode 5 or the mediocre pink angel-themed Supernatural Season 9 Episode 6.

There was some solid mystery around the creature of the week, even if the end result wasn’t super scary. At the same time, Vesta, Roman Goddess of the Hearth, wasn’t an over the top cheese-fest. She was menacing enough and a nice flip side to the perky sweater wearing persona.

I was actually thinking that the real bad guy of the hour would be Suzy the reformed porn star.

Really, it was the humor of the episode surrounding chastity and sex that really shined.

Right away, with Sam and Dean signing up to be Born Again Virgins, there was a high probability that the end results would be hilarious.

It was funny listening to Dean’s descriptive sharing about having sex during the purity meeting and seeing all the women react right up until he made the explosion sound and the girl crumpled the paper. This is the wrong guy to be in this group.

Which made it great to see his character, not only remember Suzy as a porn star he’d seen before, but get to shack up with her. All of Dean’s facial expressions throughout were priceless, including when Suzy took off her sweatshirt or bent down to get something.

And at first, I was prepared for maybe it to be a dream sequence when the two started flirting and Dean tried his hand at some Spanish. But it turned out to be the real deal.

It’s good to see the “bad boy” hooking up again and one of his “bucket list” dreams come true.

It was a bit interesting that this was the episode that Jody Mills returned.

Sure, it was great that she helped out Sam while Dean was trapped in the dungeon (and what was up with that girl practically eating her blood-soaked hands in the dungeon?), while watching them actually do some computer research was a nice touch.

Even the look of surprise at dragons and angels was fun to see, especially since most characters and viewers are just so used to those as common place.

And I was shocked when Jody got stabbed, wondering if she was going to get killed off. Luckily, she didn’t, and I hope that if she returns, we get something that gets a little more personal to her character rather than her joining a church and that’s what the monster is connected to.

It was nice seeing a familiar face though, and Kim Rhodes does a great job of portraying the character.

Yet, after the entertaining and fun aspects of the hour, it was the final scene between Sam and Dean that was the most frustrating.

Dean was ready to tell Sam the big angel secret (Sam heard again from someone else that he wasn’t normal), and I was pleased he was going to do it.

But Ezekiel flashed his blue lights, told Dean “no,” and then Dean decided he can’t? I get he’s trying to save his brother and not let any harm come to him, but when will he say enough is enough?

I’m surprised he hasn’t tried to find another option. He’s always seemed to find a way, and yet here, he’s totally and completely relying on Ezekiel. I feel for Dean, but I wish he wouldn’t just take “no” for an answer. I want to see him step up and try something else because Sam still isn’t better yet.

Plus, I’m not too sure how much longer the story is going to drag out the secret before viewers let out an exasperated “finally,” when Sam learns the truth.

“Rock and a Hard Place” was a solidly enjoyable hour of Supernatural that had plenty of humor and the return of Jody Mills. I’m still wishing Dean would just tell Ezekiel off and reveal to Sam the truth, but hopefully the payoff for when that time comes will be worth it.

Rock and a Hard Place Review

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