Supernatural Round Table: "Slumber Party"

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Did you enjoy that trip to Oz?

The CW asked viewers to sort of follow the Yellow Brick Road on Supernatural Season 9 Episode 4, as we couldn't help but wonder: Were the waters for a spinoff being tested?

Here to debate that topic, along with many others, are Sean McKenna, Carla Day and Carissa Pavlica of TV Fanatic, along with Alice from Winchester Family Business. Join in the debate below...


What was your favorite scene from this Supernatural Season 9 episode?
Carissa: The closing credits. I'm sorry, but that was one episode I don't ever want to relive. I was so disinterested. I adore Felicia Day and Charlie but there was absolutely nothing compelling to me about the OZ story. Did they decide to try their own version because The Great and Powerful OZ was such a flop at theaters?

Alice: This may be completely shallow, but I just loved seeing Sam’s room.  No, it’s not spectacular and it was everything I expected, but I was thrown back that he had a nice flat screen in there.  I didn’t take Sam to be the watching TV type.  Oh, that’s right, he does need a nice big screen to watch his porn.  Anyway, I just liked idea of the three getting together, like a slumber party, and watching DVDs together and airing grievances.  Friends and families are fun.

I also loved seeing all the new Men of Letters rooms, but that’s really a combo of a bunch of scenes and doesn’t count.  But really, don’t you picture the guys taking that classic Thunderbird  in the garage for a spin?  Oh wait, I’m picturing me.

Carla: Dean and Sam's discussion about the Men of Letters being a home. It was a reminder that Sam didn't have an easy upbringing. He never knew his mother, his father was on the hunt, he never had roots growing up, and he was pulled out of college. Even when Dean was in purgatory, Sam never established a home. The heart-to-heart was necessary to jump start Sam's sense of stability.

Sean: This episode was just OK, and more things stood out that I had problems with than I adored. That said, I loved Mark Sheppard's scenes with the witch, Sam telling him to write down more names, and pretty much.

Supernatural Round Table 1-27-15

What did you think of the Oz lore?
Carissa: One or two tidbits were a teeny bit interesting, but mostly because Charlie got so excited about them. Dorothy was unpleasant and not at all what I would have wanted her to be like. She was grating and rather rude, and I couldn't wait for her to go away. I just didn't expect her to take Charlie with her.

Alice: I thought it was adventurous, that’s for sure.  This is a sci-fi horror show, so seeing a fantasy like that is both good and bad.  Good, because it suited Charlie to a tee.  Bad because Sam and Dean looked so awkward in the middle of all that.  I suppose any fictional tale of adventure can be twisted into hunter lore, but I’m not exactly sure it worked 100 percent here.  However, I didn’t hate it either.  It was a good try.

Carla: For a standalone episode and tie-in to the Men of Letters, it worked well. I loved when Sam and Dean were embodied by the Wicked Witch. Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki did a good job on their Wicked Witch voice. It was realistic and just a bit campy. The face-off was well done, but I overall enjoyed the Oz episode.

Sean: The concept of Oz and all the lore that connected to the Men of Letters/Sam and Dean was an intriguing one. But I just couldn't get into it. It was overly campy, the witch wasn't scary, Dorothy was OK, but it felt like the episode had to cram so much stuff in because the series probably won't touch on Oz again. Sure, the nods to Oz were great and the flying monkey at the end was kind of cool, but it never got me excited enough to where I really cared.

Would you want to see a spin-off with Dorothy and Charlie in Oz?
Carissa: Overall, it wouldn't matter to me because I have no interest in it. But if it meant Felicia Day would be tied to a series I didn't want to watch, then I would have to give it a firm no.

Alice: Not if it follows any type of “Supernatural” formula.  It has to be totally independent and a brand new creation.  I suppose “Once Upon A Time” works, and you won’t get a better lead than Felicia Day and the character of Charlie.  I didn’t think Dorothy was exceptional, but we haven’t had the time to get to know her like Charlie.  Right, you want a real answer.  No, but only because fantasies are not my thing.  If anything, I’d vote for it as a web series.

Carla: As soon as the episode aired, I posed that question on Twitter. I'd be willing to give it a watch and see what they could do with it. I love the Charlie character and Felicia Day could front a new female driven Supernatural show. I wasn't as fond of Dorothy though. She was too rough for me, but she could grow on me in a new series. I'd rather see Charlie in our world, but Oz wouldn't be bad.

Sean: It would be interesting, and there's certainly a lot to utilize in a series like that. The campy tone would have to change as well. I'd be curious enough to give it a try, but if it feels anything like this episode, I'd have to probably pass.

What will happen once Sam finds out about Ezekiel and Dean's lying?
Carissa: It will be the traditional brother stand-off. Sam will be angry because he wanted to die, and Dean will plead his case about why he chose to do what he did and they might fight for a season, but eventually they will come to realize their love for each other outweighs everything else, hit a couch, clink beers and be brothers again.

Alice: You know, I’m not really sure. At first I thought Sam would go ballistic, but I think he’s going to find out in a way where he realizes up front that he needs that angel inside of him and vice versa. I’ll bet he’ll even try to help Ezekiel, especially if he figures out that Zeke healed both Castiel and Charlie and rescued him from death by demons.  However, that will affect his relationship with Dean. He’s never going to blindly trust his brother again. Let’s just say next time he’s face to face with Death, he’s not going to go with Dean.  

Carla: Given the help that Zeke has given Sam, Dean and their friends, I think Sam will be okay with it. He'll likely be irritated at first, but quickly understand the necessity for secrecy. The only reason I could see Sam being upset for an extended period would be if Zeke betrays the brothers and ends up causing them harm.

Sean: I hope that at some point Dean just gets right out in front of the lying and tells Sam rather than have Sam found out some other way. I think Sam will probably be frustrated but after all they've been through, understand Dean trying to help his brother. But I'm still waiting for that moment where Ezekiel changes his "good guy" tune...

Can the Men of Letters lair be the Winchester's home or will it always be the road for them?
Carissa: I think it can be a home, but I really liked Sam's explanation about his reluctance to create a home. I always thought it was Dean who had suffered the most as a child, but clearly they both suffered in very different ways during their childhood. I hope it can be a home, because their heritage is one of Men of Letters, but it did seem like they might be setting them up for a big fall. Ezekiel better not be in on that fall.

Alice: Absolutely it’s home!  It’s their legacy, their strongest tie to their family.  Considering how much family means to these guys, they’ll be as loyal to that place as the Impala.  Mostly.  I think they’ll also realize that most hunters have homes, so they have a place to go to when the hunt is done.  They'll end up liking that.  Besides, that lair is going to be essential when they film Supernatural the movie.

Carla: The Men of Letters is a home for them now. Sam may not have realized it yet, but his actions show that he treats it as a home. He's comfortable and at ease there unlike he's been anywhere else. The sense of security, having his own space, and being with Dean will all warm his heart to the point he misses it when he's not home.

Sean: It's become a home and I like that, especially because they have been on the road so long. Although, remember when they had the Road House that was eventually blown up? I have a feeling that something is going to destroy the lair right when they've truly settled in and then propel them right back onto the road.

Alice (from Winchester Family Business)
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