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Supernatural featured some porn stars, some virgins and a few goddesses this week.

Indeed, a week prior to the beloved CW smash going on winter hiatus, Supernatural Season 9 Episode 8 was all about sex.

Viewers were treated to an investigation into the Roman goddess of hearth, while Sam got into some major action and Dean? Well, he just got some action!

There were a lot of fun references throughout the hour to chastity and sex, along with Sam and Dean signing up to be… Born Again Virgins?!? And sitting in on a purity meeting?

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Supernatural Season 9 Episode 8 Quotes

Sex has always felt, I don't know, good. I mean, really, really good. But sometimes it just makes you feel bad. You’re drunk, you shack up, then it’s the whole morning thing, "Hey, that was fun," and then adios. Always the adios.


So you just hit the virginity do-over button and all is good with the man upstairs?