The Carrie Diaries Review: Some Like It Hot

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An 18th birthday is a big deal and should undoubtedly be memorable. Too bad for Walt in The Carrie Diaries Season 2 Episode 2 that the most memorable part of his birthday bash was the whole group getting food poisoning! Ick!

Was there an upside to the day at all? Read on to find out. 

Happy Birthday, Walt!

Bennet was holding out on Walt until he was legal. Now that Walt is the magical 1-8 he was debating whether or not to share his true feelings. He wants to be with Bennet, but Bennet says he was in a serious relationship when he first got to the city and really needs to have his freedom despite his feelings for Walt.

Bennet was surprised Walt hadn't gone on any dates, but Walt just came out and he's not even fully out to everyone in his life. Gay, straight, newly gay, or someone like Samantha who is super sure of their sexuality, some people are just better at being in relationships. I don't see Walt as the kind of guy who really needs to sow his oats. If he has feelings for someone, that's what works for him. I hope these two can work it out because I do like them together.

Speaking of Samantha and her scorching sexuality, sometimes Lindsay Gort's mannerisms are so much like Kim Cattrall it's actually astonishing! Talk about amazing casting. She cracks me up in every scene, especially when she was working out/having phone sex and Mouse was talking to her. What I love about Mouse is that she's no virgin, she has that innocence to her, but she's totally willing to learn something new. Here's hoping her knew skills blow West more ways than one. (Sorry, Sam I stole your joke.)

Second most hilarious character on this show has got to be Donna. It pretty much makes sense, considering she and Samantha are related.

I am gonna die here it’s not fair, I’m too beautiful to be a Central Park corpse!


I don't know what Carrie was thinking about trying to play double agent during Walt's party. Everyone knows that never works out well! However, I do like the introduction of the possibility of Carrie taking writing classes at The New School. It'll keep her in NYC this season. It's not like she can be an intern forever.

Sebastian and Maggie were lacking this week. I do have to say though, Austin Butler does that 80s bad boy with a hint of James Dean in his sexy car so damn well. I feel bad for him , whether or not he's a rich kid with everything handed to him. Being rich in possessions doesn't mean a great upbringing, especially with absentee parents. 

Lastly, it was important Carrie got those feelings off of her chest. Where they go from there we'll have to wait and see. However, I really do think she should've given Sebastian a chance to respond before Walt gave him the boot. What about you?

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The Carrie Diaries Season 2 Episode 2 Quotes

Are you telling me youre a phone sex virgin?

Samantha [to Mouse]

I may have a pathological fear of hurting other people’s feelings