Almost Human Review: Multiplicity

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Almost Human continues to wow with its repeated forays into fancy and futuristic technologies.

On tonight's docket: holograms, clones and just what those machines look like underneath their uniforms.

While the narrative is still wildly uneven thanks to the out of order episodes, Almost Human Season 1 Episode 5 felt like a step in the right direction toward finding a storytelling groove.

Kennex Is Attacked

We discussed this in my review of Almost Human Season 1 Episode 4, but after tonight it bears repeating. Airing episodes out of order the way Almost Human showrunners have done throws everything out of whack.

Case in point: Kennex and Stahl seemed to get a little closer to an inner-office romance tonight and it felt like something out of left field. 

The last time we had any sort of allusion to a relationship between these two was during the first or second episode. It's sad that those were only three or so weeks ago and I can't remember because references to the fact that there's something between them and/or scenes featuring both characters have been so sporadic.

I feel like I'm supposed to care that they're a potential pairing, and I do, but not as much as I feel like I might care if these episodes had aired in the proper order. 

Using a psychic to push them together through that scene at the end was actually a really nice way to incorporate the science-fiction/fantasy and narrative elements of the series, but it could have happened before now. And what's bizarre about this is that "Blood Brothers" was originally supposed to be Season 1 Episode 8 (and next week's "Arrhythmia" was supposed to have been Episode 3).

It's all so confusing. I dislike it as much as I dislike the character of Sandra Maldonado. 

Whether it's the character and the way she's written or Lilli Taylor's portrayal of the character, something there isn't working. 

I listened intently as the defendant, Ethan Avery, poured salt into her open wounds in a disturbingly accurate and well-written soul-crusher of a monologue and...felt nothing for the character. Maybe the tiniest twinge of a spark of outrage? 

Finding out how Ethan Avery had been able to be in the courtroom while simultaneously killing witnesses and firing on police officers was infinitely more interesting than Maldonado's feelings. 

Maybe I'm just heartless. 

You know who isn't heartless? 

Dorian. That android has more heart than half the humans on television. I loved everything about him tonight from his van-flipping to his connection with the psychic to his desire for a place of his own. 

He's sweet and he's funny to boot.

John: Is all of that for one person? What do you do with it.
Dorian: Probably the same thing you do with yours. Nothing.

Seriously. Dorian gets some of the best and funniest lines and the silk-voiced but deadpan, semi-robotic delivery just makes them more funny somehow. 

Week after week, even through all the ups and downs and lopsided storytelling, Dorian and Kennex are the constants. I'm hopeful for what is yet to come once these episodes get straightened out.

What did you think of Almost Human Season 1 Episode 5? Was the out-of-order storytelling more or less obvious to you tonight? 

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Almost Human Season 1 Episode 5 Quotes

John: Is all of that for one person? What do you do with it.
Dorian: Probably the same thing you do with yours. Nothing.

Stahl: Did Dorian just flip that van?
John: Why hasn't he done that before?