Arrow Guest Post: The Case for Olicity

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We have some very spirited readers here at TV Fanatic.

One such fan, "Fearless Diva," was arguing quite passionately in defense of an Oliver and Felicity pairing in the most recent Arrow Round Table, so we asked her to write an official post about it. 

Fearless Diva is actually Selena Rose Avila, a college freshman with a passion for writing. She writes fan fiction for shows like Glee and The Vampire Diaries and really loves DC/Marvel comic shows, movies or cartoons. She is fascinated by the nature of evil and her favorite villain is Heath Ledger's The Joker.

When it comes to villainess, Harley Quinn, Poison Ivy and Catwoman are at the top of the list. You can find her posting here on TV Fanatic under Fearless Diva or on Twitter as Selena Rose ...


I think after Arrow Season 2 Episode 7, some of us are still recovering from the moving and powerful Olicity scene. To be honest, I am personally glad the writers have realized they struck gold with the chemistry we’ve seen brewing since last season between Emily Bett Rickards as Felicity Smoak and Stephen Amell as Oliver Queen. Of course there probably are a few hard core comic book fans screaming foul at the writers of Arrow for not sticking with Laurel and Ollie as endgame.

Yes, Laurel’s downward spiral probably will lead her to take on the mantle as the Black Canary, but that doesn’t necessarily mean she has to end up with Oliver in the end. Might I remind these same hard core comic book fans that as of The New 52, Oliver and Dinah are divorced and the writers of both comics have said they don’t plan on bringing them back together anytime soon.

Olicity in Action

Arrow does have a creative license to tweak certain things, and they certainly did by keeping Moira alive (she died in the comics) and adding Oliver’s sister (who is really his half-sister, but my point still stands). So is it really so bad that the writers - like many of us fans - have noticed the lack of chemistry between Stephen and Katie and are now going in a different direction?

Speaking off a different direction, it is no secret that Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) will be coming to Arrow this week and takes a liking to Oliver’s Girl Friday. So kids, be prepared to see a jealous Oliver, who in trying to be a good guy, will still not act upon his very real feelings towards Felicity. But while Belicity blossoms, I will be sitting in my room watching the episode gleefully. Because Felicity + Barry = a jealous Oliver, which further entails even more revealing moments to come.

If Olicity is truly going to be endgame (a slow burn of the relationship), it’s probably for the best. Since Felicity became his executive assistant, the two have grown closer. From a realistic point of view, the bond of their friendship needs to continue growing deeper. While Diggle might have been the one Oliver chose to tell some of stories about the Island, it was awesome to see him more relaxed and laughing and just overall having a good time.

Oliver shooting three arrows at The Count seemed a bit much if he only considered Felicity as a friend. Even if he was still going to kill him for trying to hurt his friend, just one arrow would have sufficed. But to me, Oliver was clouded with rage, mixed with panic at the thought of losing Felicity; so he didn’t think… he just reacted. That action speaks louder than words ever could. Not to forget the previous Olicity scene we got in Arrow Season 2 Episode 6. Oliver probably thinks that if he gives into his attraction towards Felicity, it could become something more.

As we’ve seen from the island flashbacks, not only does Oliver have his own team in Starling City but he once had one on the island as well. At some point he did start caring for Slade and Shado, and assuming one becomes Deathstroke and the other one perishes, then it’s safe to say that he doesn’t want the same to occur to Diggle and Felicity.

Since late in Arrow Season 1, other (dangerous) people - like Helena - have known about Felicity and - as seen in Arrow Season 2 Episode 1 - not only is Felicity in danger because of helping The Arrow, but also because of her association with Oliver Queen. Both have many enemies and if we put ourselves in his shoes, he’s trying (in vain) to keep her at arm’s length to protect her. But, hopefully, he will end up coming to the realization that the girl for him is Felicity because - not only does she know both sides of him, but she also accepts him as he is - scars and all.


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