Arrow Spoilers: Colton Haynes On The L Word, Danger With Blood & More!

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Listen up, Hood…or Vigilante…or whatever we’re calling you these days. Roy Harper does NOT want to be the Robin to your Batman.

That’s what Colton Haynes had to say about where his alter ego’s head is at on the CW series Arrow and what we can expect moving forward.

The actor, who first came to TV fame on MTV’s Teen Wolf, also talked to me about the Roy/Thea relationship, how Mother Queen really feels about him and just how many red hoodies can be found on the Arrow set.

Haynes also teased a big story coming soon for Roy that has something to do with the villainous Sebastian Blood (Kevin Alejandro). In other words, Roy may need the help of a certain vigilante who’s good with shooting arrows sooner than he thinks!

Roy And Vigilante - BFFs?

TV Fanatic: Talk to me first just about Roy and Thea because, up to this point, she has been very anti-vigilante anything. Does she keep that feeling or does that change in the coming episodes?

Colton Haynes: She also with Sin needing help as well she has opened up the idea because she realize that Roy is helping  people as opposed to just running out, like she says, putting the hurt on bad guys.

So you know, I think that now she realizes that he can take care of myself but I think she also knows that she is not going to be able to stop him once she finds out that he’s still running around, doing things, I think, she is now on board.

TVF: I don’t think they have said the ‘L word’ word. Are they in love? What do you think?

CH: I’m not sure if you mean lust or love.

TVF: I meant love, but we can talk about lust if you need to.

CH: They are definitely in lust. Now we’re going into shooting episode 13 and things are starting to escalate with their relationship more towards love, which kind of scares me because, that can mean, the only way they can go from here is down so, they are always trying to ruin our relationship.

TVF: In the last couple episodes. we’ve seen Roy and The Arrow (aka Oliver) together. How would you define that relationship now since it’s changed a lot since the first season?

CH: It’s nice that Roy is almost looking at Arrow almost like, I wouldn’t say a father figure, I guess like a male figure in his life, but he is just kind of getting tired of being an errand boy. It’s not really what he’s signed up for. He didn’t sign up to go do these little tasks because I think that Roy is  now starting to realize that he can do things on his own and I think that’s what you’re going to start seeing and written in the coming episode is that Roy is getting tired. He doesn’t want to be a Robin. He wants to be a Co-Batman. He is just tired of living in the shadow.

TVF: We’ve seen that Roy has at least the start of a relationship with Thea’s mother, Moira. How does that play out now that she’s out of jail?

CH: She really takes to Roy and she actually invites him over for brunch [and] she really attributes a lot of the good things that has happened with Thea that has changed her life to Roy and I think she kind of realizes that Roy has awoken her daughter up a bit. So she is still Team Roy right now.

TVF: Will we see Roy getting more comfortable around the Queen environment, like the money?

CH: I think when you don’t grow up with [money] it doesn’t really tend to phase you until it’s yours…but it does cause a rift in their relationship still. In a lot of way he feels like she doesn’t have to work for things or doesn’t have to work as hard and also there is a big rift between them because she’s technically Roy’s boss. Roy doesn’t like having people tell him what to do.

TVF: Also this next episode we meet Barry Allen, who we all know becomes The Flash. Does Roy interact with him much in the episodes in which he’s featured?

CH: Well unfortunately, he doesn’t. Grant is like the coolest, most amazing person ever. So I would like Roy to, but now I’m not sure if he can come back since now they have their stand-alone pilot. I don’t know if Roy is going to go over there or do any of that but that would be a lot of fun. Unfortunately, I wish if I could say there was interaction but there’s not.

TVF: Roy and Thea are definitely getting closer to Sebastian Blood and I’m guessing that’s going to explode, so to speak, soon. Are we going to see more of that in the coming episodes?

CH: Oh yes. Sebastian Blood is going to be a really big factor in Roy’s life and also with helping Roy become the best of his ability. So in a way, Sebastian Blood plays like a huge, huge role in Roy’s life and Roy doesn’t even know about it. So there is a huge thing that happens between Roy and Sebastian Blood in the next few episodes that not only alters Roy’s life pretty much forever, but also it affects everyone that Roy comes into contact with.

TVF: How many red hoodies are there in existence on the Arrow set?

CH: To be honest, there’s not a lot. Now we’ve changed the color a bit so I guess Roy has decided that he wants to think outside the box. Now he has a little more of a red hoodie as opposed to maroon hoodie. So yes, Roy is really a big thinker. He really likes to think outside the box. [laughs]

TVF: I know that you’re personally very into photography. Are you interested in directing or writing or anything outside of acting down the line?

CH: To do that you have to be very, very patient and very, very intelligent. Two things that I’m not really the best at so I can say right now, that you’ll never see me directing because you have to be so patient and it’s such a difficult job. I do write. That’s something I do for fun. I mean if any of it is any good, I don’t really think so. So, yes maybe definitely writing in the future but no directing.

TVF: Are you pro or con Christmas? How do you feel about the Christmas holiday?

CH: Everyone calls me the Grinch. I’m such a Grinch. In the Christmases that we did have, every single picture of me is me pouting, because I’m so mad because I would want a puppy and we couldn’t have a puppy. I would want things and I’d get my hopes up. Like I wanted a violin one year. Why would my parents buy me a violin? I wouldn’t play it. I wanted these unrealistic gifts. But I love Halloween so much. My holiday cheer comes out during Halloween.

Arrow airs Wednesdays at 8pm on the CW.

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