Chicago Fire: Watch Season 2 Episode 10 Online

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Good riddance, Gail.

Of all the developments on Chicago Fire Season 2 Episode 10 - and there were plenty of them - the most welcome was certainly what we can only hope was the final appearance of this evil character.

She proved during the hour, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that she's all about the Benjamins, regardless of the consequences of the ways in which she makes that money.

Elsewhere: Mills made a pretty clear decision about his future, while the honeymoon between Casey and Dawson definitely came to an end. The latter, meanwhile, was left in bad shape after the show's concluding rescue.

Chicago Fire now takes a break until January, but you can relive the best and worst moments from the latest installment below. Sit back and enjoy!

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Chicago Fire Season 2 Episode 10 Quotes

Ding-freakin’-dong the witch is dead!


Isabella: Miss McLeod, on this table here is a piece of paper awaiting your signature. Since it has been brought to the senator’s attention you don’t have a mandate to close anymore firehouses we’d like for you to sign it.
McLeod: I don’t think you understand…
Isabella: I don’t think you understand this: you may be able to bully your way around the State Fire Marshall’s office, but you’re swimming in different waters now, Gail. You’re gonna sign that paper or you’re gonna have microphones stuck in your face asking why your salary is a big chunk of the money you saved the city.
McLeod: If you would just stop to think for a moment…
Isabella: If you don’t sign that I’ll nail you to a cross so hard you won’t get a government contract as a meter maid.