Doctor Who: Watch Season 7 Episode 5 Online

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On Doctor Who Season 7 Episode 5, "The Angels Take Manhattan," The Doctor says goodbye to his companions Amy and Rory. Yes, he says goodbye, but will it be a happy ending? A forever goodbye? Those questions, and more, are answered in the episode.

Amy finds a book called Amelia's Last Farewell while they are on a trip to New York City. The Angels in the sity seems to come alive, as they do in spooky installments of Doctor Who.

There are headstones featuring names of characters that are all too familiar, time paradoxes that cannot be changed, talks about age and River Song is along for the ride with insight into the situation and comfort for what might occur in a future (or past) viewers will never see.

The ending of the friendship between The Doctor and his very best friends Amy and Rory plays out in a way that gives viewers peace, and yet leaves enough questions to allow imaginations to play out different scenarios that keep them from feeling too many feels.

If all of that seems too difficult to understand, get it all in context by now when you watch Doctor Who online below.

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Doctor Who Season 7 Episode 5 Quotes

Amy: What was that?
The Doctor: Nineteen thirty eight. We just bounced off it!

Amy: He went to get coffee and he showed up in a book. How does that happen?
The Doctor: I don't know, we're in New York!