Doctor Who: Watch Season 7 Episode 7 Online

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On Doctor Who Season 7 Episode 7, "The Bells of St. John," Clara Oswald finally makes her way back to The Doctor in modern times and becomes his companion.

When people are sucked into the Internet and stuck there, and you make your living on the Internet, you tend to take note. The Doctor and another version of Clara Oswin Oswald are reunited when that exact scenario comes into play and The Doctor somehow is manning the help desk. 

The installment marks the third beginning between The Doctor and Clara, and it's met with as much chemistry and fun as the previous two. 

The plot allows for a lot of fun and pop culture references, and even a zinger that flies into the face of our beloved Twitter. There is a lesson to be learned here about social media, and it would do viewers some good to think about it as the get absorbed into their entertainment. 

The continuation of Who lore and mentions of The Great Intelligence and UNIT are sure to please the hearts of Whovians everywhere as they get acquainted with Doctor Who and his new companion.

Find out for yourself as you either take it in for the first time or see it again when you watch Doctor Who online.

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Doctor Who Season 7 Episode 7 Quotes

Monks are not cool!

The Doctor

Clara: How'd you get here so fast?
The Doctor: Because I just happened to be in the neighborhood on my mobile phone.
Clara: Why you say mobile phone do you point at that blue box?
The Doctor: Because it's a surprisingly accurate description.