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There was some serious drama between Adam and Hanna on Girls Season 2 Episode 2. To wit: the latter accidentally called 911 on the former. Oops!

Elsewhere, George wasn't exactly thrilled about Elijah and Marnie's escapades on Girls Season 2 Episode 1, while Hannah's ex and her ex-BFF argued about whether or not to spill their sex-related beans.

Elijah wants to do so. Marnie definitely does not. Who would you say is in the right?

Shoshanna and Ray, meanwhile, are doing just fine, thank you very much. They cracked us up with a chat about bathing a pig and are the only healthy couple on the series at the moment.

Relive the second installment of Season 2 now:

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Girls Season 2 Episode 2 Quotes

I know I always said he was murdery in a sexy way, but maybe he's murdery in a murder way.


It was like 3 pumps, 2 and a half pumps and then I lost my boner.