Modern Family Review: Canadian Christmas

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Everyone knows that the holidays can be a stressful time, full of last minute shopping and family feuds.

Modern Family Season 5 Episode 10 was no exception to this rule, but the Dunphy-Pritchitt clan knows how to make it funny!

The Meaning of Christmas

Mitchell is proud that all of his Christmas shopping is finished and since he's in between jobs he can just kick back. That thought lasted all of about two seconds, as Cam and Mitchell soon realized that they got Lily the wrong gift due to a spelling error.

Trying to get this last minute Puppy Pound is reminiscent of trying to find a cabbage patch kid on Christmas Eve in 1984.

Elsewhere, Jay wants Manny to go with him and cut their own Christmas tree like they did in the old days. They struggle for awhile but eventually get their own version of the Charlie Brown Christmas tree home in time for the holiday.

Phil's Christmas challenge was also physical, but not really your typical holiday stress. He must make use of last year's elliptical in order for Claire to let him keep it in the bedroom.

That means over a dozen miles by the end of the day. Who's better to cheer him on and cross the theoretical Canadian border than his sidekick Luke? His sisters were busy over at the mall dealing with a grumpy Santa. Alex's meltdown about being a nag was actually pretty hilarious.

Alex: Am I just going to nitpick everyone until they leave me?
Haley: Hey mom found somebody!

Claire is intense but she's also loveable! Hey, Gloria's mother certainly thinks so. After a whole week with her mom in the house, Gloria is annoyed. That is, until her mom started giving Claire more attention. I guess sibling rivalry (or stepmother/stepdaughter) rivalry exists at any age!

Moments I loved:

  • Lily giving away her puppy pound to a boy less fortunate.
  • Mitchell realizing how Pepper's invitation truly read.
  • Phil's inability to walk normal and his trek to the mall.
  • Dylan screwing up the recycling scam.
  • Haley climbing into Alex's bed like old times.

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Happy holidays everyone from our Modern Family to yours! See you in the New Year!

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Modern Family Season 5 Episode 10 Quotes

When I wake up in my own room tomorrow I’ll be giving thanks for my independence and isn’t that what Christmas is all about?


This body doesn’t just happen ladies.